Riding around Tohoku?



There are several attractive methods to travel around the Tohoku region, for any budget. This time will recommend the JR EAST PASS for travelers.

*Please keep in mind that this pass only covers the JR East rail lines and can only be bought inside Japan. Other methods are available such as the JR Rail Pass, however this must be purchased prior to coming to Japan.

Point 1: Freedom

Once the JR EAST PASS is purchased you are free to use it within 14 days, for a maximum of 5 consecutive days. Travel throughout the Tohoku region on any rail service including Bullet train service.

Point 2: Cheap

From Tokyo to Sendai, it usually costs around 10,000 yen to travel on a one-way ticket. However, the JR EAST PASS only costs 20,000 yen for an adult. If the pass is purchased abroad, it will only cost 19000 yen.

Point 3: Service area

This ticket service is available throughout the entire JR EAST operating area from Aomori to Shizuoka. Please see the following website for a detailed explanation of the service area and rates.


The JR EAST PASS is extremely good value for the tourist on a budget. Please make sure to purchase this pass to travel around the Tohoku region.