The World’s Best Sake: Katsuyama Shuzou



Japan is famously known around the world for many of its alcoholic creations with the most commonly known export likely “sake”. While the country has many different makers, few have the pedigree that Katsuyama Shuzou does. Katsuyama Shuzou has a history making sake that spans more than 300 years. Even know the original shop and cellar are still used to produce this high class sake. The reason why this company has been able to continue making sake for such a long time? Read on to find out more!

1: Obsession with Quality ingredients

Obviously to make alcohol there are a few ingredients that are required like rice, water and yeast. Katsuyama Shuzou makes sure to use only Sendai water and rice in their recipes. The method of making this sake is a strictly guarded company secret but they always manage to make fresh and delicious sake!

2: Being recognized on the world stage

Katsuyama is not only known throughout Japan but also on the world stage thanks to their win in the 2015 Sake Competition. While you may not be able to afford to drink the world-class batch, you can come to their factory and have a sake tasting for yourself. But only if you come to Tohoku!

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