The Top 3 Festivals in Tohoku: Sendai Tanabata and What?



The summer festivals in the Tohoku region are famous around the country and the globe, especially the Aomori Nebuta Festival, Akita Lantern Festival, and the Sendai Tanabata Festival.

The origins of the Tanabata festivals come from Chinese folklore in which two star crossed lovers were separated by the milky way and where allowed to meet only once a year on the 7th day of the 7th month. The Tanabata season is filled with many festivals all around Japan, however these are the most famous in Tohoku.

The 7 Beautiful Decorations

The Sendai Tanabata festival is famous for having 7 different types of decorations in the celebration where each type of decoration represents something. These include things like good studies, good luck, wealth etc.

Even though its Tanabata, Starting in August?

While the Tanabata day starts July 7th of every year, the Sendai Tanabata celebrations are on August 6th. This follows the old lunar calendar where historically, July 6th is now, August 6th.

Starting with a Bang

There are actually 3 days for the Sendai Tanabata festival, however the day before August 6th, there is a yearly fireworks festival. During this event there are many stalls selling traditional food and people wear traditional Japanese clothing.

If you want to experience a real Japanese style festival, and want to where some awesome clothes, makes sure to join in on the festivities and come to Sendai for the Sendai Tanabata Festival!

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