Let’s pray to「Shiro Sendai 」 the god of success in business!


Shiro Sendai is a legendary Lucky Man


Shiro Sendai lived 160 years ago from now.

He was called 「fool Shiro」because of intellectual disabilities which he could not speak but, he smiled  with a  pure heart and was everyones favorite.

It is said the shop that he goes are successful in business and  the baby  carried  in his arms will grow healthy.

He is now loved as the god of success in business and the god of wealth.


MitakiYama Fudouin is where Shiro Sendai is enshrined and famous power spot!


It is locaded near Sendai station inside of Chris shop district.

Inside the temple there is a power spot called「Mitakisann」famous from the local people and tourists.

In Nakamise there are many goods where you can buy souvenir to place it on the wall of your house of shop.



Let’s make our dream come true at

MitakiYama Fudouin!


This temple is a specialized for incantation and prayer.

If you dedicate your wish on Ogoma( a wood board to write wishes) they will make a fire-offering on 28th of every month.