Rare Foods only in Tohoku!!


Today incorporated Association Kibounowa Came to Co. Group Passon in Tokyo Ootemachi selling these wonderful items that are only made in Tohoku!!!

The Kibounowa Inter students

There inter students at the Kibounowa to help makers sell their products that is only in Tohoku and the best!!


The fukkou

This canned food named Fukkou was once taken up by the media. It is also said that after the Tsunami the people found the cans laying on the ground and dedicated there passion to clean the cans and sell them to rebuild Fukushima at that time. When taste it you can feel the power the makers passion in it. It is a good story and drama that has happened to sell this can today!


The Three different anchovy from Tohoku!!




These anchovy is very rare and it is only sold by Kibounowa. All of them are good with pasta. The yellow one is good with vegetables and eat as a dip or sauce. I will report the taste of the yellow one and some other products that were sold on the next article.

Stay tuned for new information!!