Kasshi persimmon only in Ishinomaki


Kasshi persimmon

This Kasshi persimmon is only made in Kamaishi city in Iwate prefecture. This persimmon is very special compering to other persimmon in Japan. The start is in Meiji era. Romulus persimmon was introduced by Ofunato-city as to connect with both cities.


The nutrition is incredible!!

inspection item Tone persimmon


Kasshi persimmon




Vitamin A 21 μg 117 μg 5.6 times
β‐carotene 76μg 350   μg 4.6 times
cryptoxanthin 345   μg 2080   μg 6.3 times
Vitamin C 19g 25 g 1.3 times
lycopene 0.05 g 1.97 g 39.4 times
fruit sugar 4.54 g 5.46 g 1.2 times

Tone persimmon is called the king persimmon tannin. Kasshi persimmon takes 1 month to  removing the astringent taste. And it turns into a very juice tasty sweet persimmon that has more than 700 times lycopene than an tomato!!!


The smoothy of the Kasshi persimmon

S__15114243 (1)It has a very sweet taste with a no bitter taste spreading in the mouth and after you drink the taste still remains in your mouth  and it tastes that it is made 100% natural. This is made in Passona Co. If you want to taste the persimmon I really, really really recommend you to go to Ishinomaki where  they Kasshi persimmon. Also you can enjoy then in different ways there too. Go and check it out!