The Seishun 18 Ticket: Convenient and Affordable train travel


When you go on a trip the transportation expenses can be high and it may hold you back to go to some places. You may use the Shinkansen to travel and it is expensive,but there is a ticket that you can buy at a very low price to go to the Tohoku area and that is the youth ticket.

What is the youth ticket?

The youth ticket is ticket where you ride all the line’s and can go to any station for 5 days at the price of 118,50 JPY and per day it will be only 2370 JPY.


This ticket is divided into three parts spring march 1st to April 10th  summer July 20th to September 10th and winter December 10th to January 10th is the selling seasons.n

How to use and buy

The is a section where you can buy it at the station called Midori no Madoguchi. You also can buy it at the reserving selling machine. But you can not but it inside of the train.

You have to use the date on that is written on ticket. If you want you use the ticket that the date is not the current date you can change the use date at the station you have got off.

Why it is famous

The reason why it is famous is it is cheap as for one day is only 2370 yen and can go mostly any where. But it is not just because it is cheap it is also because you can you can get on get off how many time you desire during the trip.




If you want to experience the deep part of Japan try out the youth ticket to go to may places as you want.


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