The 3 Best Food in Miyagi Marumori


Marumori is located in the southernmost of  Miyagi prefecture. Miyagi has popular about rice farming, cattle industry also No.1 in the prefecture of Japanese black beef of baby cows and the producing of milk. Agriculture is also famous and in the past it had one of the biggest silk-reeling factory named Sano Silk Mill.

In Marumori the is a castle named Kaneyama castle that was the first place of campaign of Masamune Date and the castle has fallen once in the past. Sairi mansion is  one of the nation’s registered tangible cultural properties lighting 1ooo garden lanterns making Sairi phantom. I will introduce the the best food in Marumori. This is my opinion and I would like to here some of your opinions too int the comment  section of Facebook.

 No.1: The highest rank of French in Miyagi

Midoriyama is the has a very good review on the No.1 gourmet site in Japan. It uses the food in that area and changes  everyday, on the I went was hamburger with this juice taste. ( Their advertising menu is Crab pilaf )


No.2:The Japanese style restaurant with the chef trained at hotel Okura

Manmatei Ran is the owned by Mr.Muto the chef that has trained at hotel Okura using the food of Marumori making Japanese style food course.  The rice is baked in the earthen pot making fluffy and sweet. It is always full with people in the region and visitors during the lunch time.


No.3:The Ramen restaurant ranked 2nd in Ramen rankings in Miyagi

「Kiku Ya」is a restaurant opened by a person from Marumori and known very well making its rank into second most delicious Ramen restaurant. It uses a very plainly shoyu base soup using straight noodles  as a simple ramen but, it is very hard to make it delicious and can understand why it is good.  Also the green shiso meat ball is perfect with the ramen too.


There are many other hiding restaurant in Miyagi Marumori.

Located in the southernmost of  Miyagi prefecture. You should not despise it!

■Sirokiya (MAP)~A restaurant for 100 years~


■Sakura Zaka(MAP) ~How about some High-quality Sendai cow?~


■Sairi mansion restaurant (MAP)~The hamburger  is awesome!~


■Abukuma Sou(MAP) ~The delicious dinner of Marumori’s accommodations~


■Shin Kou Dinning (MAP)~The local fast food with joy the  Ramen restaurant~


■Cafe Kissako(MAP)~The owner is a body builder and curry chef ~



■Cafe Pelsikka (MAP)~Good coffees & Good curry ~