Is this Japan? This is Japan!


When you think of Japan what can you imagine ?
In the past some foreigners said that there was only factories in Japan. That is true, but there more beautiful places in Japan.

Today I will introduce the only place in Tohoku 「The most beautiful  Japanese landscape in Japan」.

「Fukushima Aizumisato」

aizumisato1 aizumisato2 aizumisato3 aizumisato4

Fukushima Aizumisato has many beautiful landscape s to see.

The view is very relaxing and heals the heart.

Also  around Aizumisato there is Tsuruga-jo CastleŌuchi-juku where you can drop in for a short visit.

Tohoku has many other beautiful places to see. The time passing by in those beautiful places heals the heart. Visiting here is not just good for a picture for SNS, but also a place that you really desire to go.

Aizumi Takata station( From Aizumi wakamatsu on the Tatami Line (To Aizumi kawaguchi )for 19 minutes)and it will be right in front of the station.