A dream come true cafe -SENDAI COFFEE STAND-


A cup of coffee fills the city

When one thinks of popular cafes, the usual images of fancy gourmet, or unique settings comes to mind. Perhaps the interior is cute and fashionable, or the atmosphere has been so perfectly curated it feels like you’re sitting in a painting. Japan is known for its cafes, bring some extraordinary displays and menus to otherwise normal endeavours. However, SENDAI COFFEE STAND is a bit different. It’s a cafe made of dreamers.

From their concept of「A cup of coffee fills our city」SENDAI COFFEE STAND prides itself on offering the taste of good coffee, and the joy that comes from drinking it, to the citizens of Sendai. Originally started as an “off-the-bike” coffee stand called “ALL FIELD SENDAI” in May 2015, the idea has bloomed into a well known trendy local favourite.



We spoke to Ryo, one of the founders. “Even in the cold winter everyone drinks coffee” he tells us, ” since I wanted to create a place where people could talk, we opened a roadside shop near Nishimidori in December 2015.”



A place to make your dreams come true

According to Ryo SENDAI COFFEE STAND  was thought up by  four high school friends. It’s a cafe that was born from the idea that they wanted to make something unique and interesting. After graduating from high school, they went their separate paths but once again gathered in Sendai to make their high school dream a reality.




Most adults tend to give up on their dreams that they had when in high school, so it’s refreshing to see some people who didn’t forget about it, and made it a reality once they were able too.

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Elegant taste of grinding

Since they’re a small shop, they put a lot more effort into things. The committment these guys show is huge. From carefully selecting the coffee beans from all over the world, to refining the taste countless times to create one high quality cup of coffee.


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Colorful heartwarming place

In the front of the shop, there are places where customers can also display their dreams and aspirations. There are abundantly sized seating arrangements for those times with your friends. They also provide blankets for customer use in the winter. Taking care of their customers, and creating a fun relaxing atmosphere is what SENDAI COFFEE STAND seem to get.


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This past December, SENDAI COFFEE STAND celebrated it’s 1 year anniversary. Ryo told us he “wants to enrich this city with a cup of coffee.” We think he’s doing a great job as it is, and we look forward to seeing more of this young entrepreneur and his coffee. Come drop by yourself, the staff will always be waiting for you.