Sendai x Tohoku Limited Souvenirs Available at Convenience Stores


FUJIYA LOOK Chocolate Zunda

FUJIYA ‘s LOOK chocolate has a 55 year old history of combining interesting flavours with their delictable chocolate. Limited to the Tohoku region and some specialty stores around the country, LOOK has created “Zunda” chocolate. If you need some reminders about what “Zunda” is take a look!

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Sendai’s Strawberry Baked Chocolate

These desserts have a long established history in Sendai and boast being Tohoku’s Number One Strawberry Collaboration product.  Boxes are on sale for 1000 yen ($8.81 USD) for 12 pieces and is recommended as souveniers for friends or those pesky co-workers.

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Sendai Oyaki Beef Tongue

Famous confectionery Mitsuzaki brings the lovable taste of smoked beef tongue to the confectionary market with their “Sendai Oyaki Beef Tongue” chips. These snacks go great with a nice cold one.

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Most of these limited snack items can be purchased at convenience stores in the Tohoku region. We’ve found that the places that carry them the most are the NEWDAYS chain of JR East owned stores.