Experience the power of Torii in Tome


About an hour away from Sendai on the Sendai Eastern Road as you follow the signs towards ‘Momose Tsunami Inter Change’, a huge red Torii gate catches the attention of my eyes. About 10.5 metres high, it is probably the biggest Torii gate in all over Tohoku region.

柳津虚空蔵尊2The Yanatsu Kokuzouzon Buddha is as one of the three Japanese kokuzouzon along with the Yanatsu kokuzouzon of Yanai in Yamaguchi and Aizuyanzu in Fukushima. Built in the third year of Kamikaze in 726 AD, this temple bears a rich historical legacy of Buddhism in Japan.

Recently, the temple cafe Yumeemian, located in the precincts of the temple was reopened after the Edo-era warehouse underwent renovation. From lectures to events, it plays a host to a variety of activities.

The temple precincts truly hold secret calming powers.

柳津虚空蔵尊3 柳津虚空蔵尊4

Trees aged 300 years and more provide a serene and spiritually-empowering atmosphere for all the visitors.


Just besides the historical main hall of the temple, you can find the statue of Nade ushi. Considered as a good-luck charm, people stroke the statue for the safety of their homes, prosperity of their businesses and good luck for the future.



The torii is much more than an entrance gate. It opens doors within yourself. The temple is not only a testimony of the bygone era but also the answer to man’s search for peace and meaning of life itself. Immerse yourself in the spiritual power of nature as the atmosphere covers you with the blanket of ultimate contentment.