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Kasshi persimmon only in Ishinomaki

Kasshi persimmon This Kasshi persimmon is only made in Kamaishi city in Iwate prefecture. This persimmon is very special compering to other persimmon in Japan. The start is in Meiji era. Romulus persimmon was introduced by Ofunato-city as to connect with both cities. The nutrition is incredible!! inspection item Tone persimmon (100gあたり) Kasshi persimmon (100gあたり) contrast Tone/Kasshi  Vitamin A 21 μg 117 μg…


Experiencing Urushinuri muffle painting at「Urumi technical art 」

Today I went to Morioka city where there is this show room shop of  Jyohojinuri・Hidehiranuri made by Urumi technical art. I was my first time and I was very nervous. What is Jyohoujinuri? こちらの店で展示られている漆器は浄法寺塗になります。The ones that are displayed are jyohojinuri. The start of jyohoujinuri goes back 1200years at 728 where Tendaiji was build at jyohouji town…