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TOHOKU365 Projectとは?

TOHOKU365 Project is a web magazine aimed at foreign tourists to provide support for Tohoku.

Although 5 years have passed since the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake of March 11th, 2011, the lives of those living in Tohoku still have yet to regain their vigor.Currently, the Japanese market for inbound tourism (international visitors to Japan) is increasing and the number of visitors to Tohoku has gradually recovered to the level it was at in 2010. However, this level is still low.

Therefore, we have begun missionary work to show the “real Tohoku” according to international visitors in an effort to convey the charms of Tohoku of which we are proud. While studying cutting edge technology and marketing, our project members who are based in the region tell the world about the array of wonderful things in Tohoku.

In order for many foreigners to learn about these things, Tohoku365 Project has organized a campaign titled “Hunt down the most sensational XXX in the Galaxy!” .

The plan is to assign a theme to 1 person who will be sponsored 1 million yen to travel freely for 30 days, completing missionary work throughout Tohoku. These themes will cover various tourist attractions for international tourists (dining, onsen, cherry blossom, ryokan, temples and shrines, animals, snow, homestays, hotel stays, mountain climbing, surfing, cycling, car rental, touring Tohoku towns, etc.). This campaign will act as a way of creating a high quality introduction to various aspects of Tohoku from a foreigner’s point of view.

As a result, we hope to increase both the number of tourists and population transfers in the Tohoku region,which will then trigger phase 2 of the Tohoku revival, creating both a new culture of welcoming inbound tourism and a new economic infrastructure.


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TOHOKU365 Project Special Advisor

The TOHOKU365Project advisors are made up of specialists in a range of fields, such as Tohoku products, creative global marketing, travel companies, ICT, Japan tourism and media. These advisors volunteer advice to our project in support of the “first year of tourism revival in Tohoku”.

Professor in the Faculty of Economics at Tohoku University, and specified non-profit organization.Representative Director at the Sendai-Miyagi NPO center.
Tohoku University Graduate School of Economics doctoral credits in 1980 (dropped out). After being a full-time lecturer and assistant professor at Senshu University, Faculty of Business Administration, and a professor of economics at Tohoku University, Otaki has held his present position since 1999.In addition, he has served as head of both the Regional Innovation Research Center and Department of Economics.He is also the Japan Venture Society Director. His major works include ‘ Jigyō sōzō no dainamikusu’ (Hakuto-Shobo), ‘Keiei senryaku’ (Yuhikaku), and ‘Kēsu ni manabu keiei-gaku’ (Yuhikaku). Otaki supports our project as a mediator in the collaboration between Tohoku University and industry-university.
Representative Director of Pasona Tohoku Sousei Co. Ltd., and Director at the Sanriku HUB institute
Totsuka began working at Pasona Co. Ltd. as a new graduate in 2009. In 2012, she took temporary leave and went to Kamaishi town in Iwate prefecture where she pursued the privatization of the Sanriku Hitotsunagi Nature School. Obsessed with the regions charms, she planned coastal tours and recruited volunteers from both within and outside the company after returning to work in 2013. In April 2015, she founded Pasona Tohoku Sousei Co. Ltd. and was appointed representative, aiming to connect the metropolitan companies and individuals with the coastal ones, creating businesses and tourism. Totsuka supports our project through activities in the affected areas.
VISIT JAPAN Ambassador
Since moving to Japan as a manager of the trading firm Jardine Matheson Ltd., Barrow developed a deep attachment to Japan and after retiring he contributed to the promotion of Japan-British exchange as Vice President of the Japan Society in Britain. Furthermore, since the launch of the Japan Campaign promotional conference, Barrow has been a dedicated core member and was honored with a level 3 cordon by the Order of the Rising Sun in November, 2014. In addition, he was chairman for the forum where Japanese and English VJC officials exchanged opinions, and has greatly contributed in promoting tourism to Japan through PR and recommendations to international tourism organizations, amongst other things.
Graduate school professor and CMO at IMJ Corporation
After establishing an IT venture, ITOCHU Corporation, Ebata began working for Coca Cola Japan in 2005 where he was executive manager of interactive marketing and also served as Vice President. After moving to Microsoft Japan in 2012, he was appointed chief marketing officer. Since April 2012, he has also been employed as a professor at a graduate school of business. Ebata supports our project as a professional in the marketing department.
Associate Professor at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management, University of Central Florida, and research fellow at the Dick Pope Sr. Institute for Tourism Studies
Hara is a scholar in American and Japanese tourism and hospitality management and also has a PhD. He is the only full-time Japanese professor in the School of Hospitality and Business and North American Tourism, and also has experience managing the Department of American Tourism and Hospitality. He is a holder of US tenure, guaranteed for life as a research doctorate, and is currently a resident of Orlando, Florida. Hara has 3 master’s degrees from Western graduate schools, and 1 PhD (Cornell University, School of Hotel Management; Master’s degrees in hotel management and regional studies. University of South Wales; master’s degree in management. Cornell University; PhD.) From 2008 until 2015, he was also a financial manager and Vice Dean of recruitment. As an authority of tourism management, Hara supports our project as a strategic advisor.
President of NEC Personal Computers Ltd. and President of Lenovo Japan Ltd.
With experience in general trading companies, foreign company strategy consulting, foreign IT companies and Japanese manufacturing and retail, Todome began working for Lenovo Japan in 2006. He served as Managing Officer, responsible for strategic operations, product business and the sales department, taking the position of Director in 2011. He took up his present post on April 1st, 2015. Todome supports our project in the same way that he supports local establishments, through ICT/IOT.
President of Hirono-ya Co. Ltd.
While a salaryman, Shitautsubo would often think to himself that some day he would like to do business in his home town, and in 2010, he started the company Hirono-ya Co. Ltd. Not even a year had passed when the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake hit Japan. Shitautsubo first helped contribute to the area’s recovery before successfully recovering his own company. Now, he promotes his products, Sanriku processed seafood, in Taiwan, as well as actively engaging in both outbound and inbound tourism. Shitautsubo supports our project by giving insight into the Tohoku point of view, and also by giving his opinion on the charms of local products.
President of TripodWorks CO.,Ltd.
Originally from Miyagi prefecture, Sasaki has lived in Tokyo for almost 15 years where he attended university and later got a job. After joining the Japan Institute for General Research, he worked for the foreign company, Japan Oracle. In 2000, he became the Tohoku branch manager, and later established Tripod Works Ltd. in 2005. Now, he has branches in Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Yokohama and Seoul, with the Sendai branch providing global business. Aside from this company, Sasaki is also known for creating a promotion movie of famous places in Tohoku using a drone and a 4K camera. Sasaki supports our project by giving both the Tohoku point of view and the opinion of an IT professional.
Cyber university professor.Director and Executive Director of Accreditation Council for Internet Retailer Ability(ACIR).Representative Director of JASISA
After joining a major system company in 1990, Morito trained as both a system engineer and sales engineer, and engaged in consulting on the internal company’s human resources. In 2002, he left the company to focus on providing services to international companies, such as business strategies, human resource planning and training plans. Moritz was able to successfully pass the rest in providing computerization strategies aimed at company managers as well as lectures on human resources. Nowadays, he actively participates in local establishments, and supports our project in the same way.
Executive Manager at Microsoft Japan Co. Ltd.
Nishiwaki is a charismatic presenter and demonstrator at the forefront of the IT business world. Over 10 years ago, he was responsible for product marketing at Japan Oracle, and now focuses mainly on internet-related products. His experience includes developing package software, starting an ISP company, as well as currently being the leader of Japan’s drone market. He also promoted his own ideas regarding local establishments and ICT through a nationwide pilgrimage, and also supports our project in this way.
President at MATCHA Inc.
While enrolled in university, Aoki travelled around the world and throughout Japan. In 2012, he participated in the Doha international book fair. After seeing Japan’s charms through his own eyes, Aoki felt that he wanted to convey his desires to leave being these charms for future generations, and so he began the company MATCHA in January 2014. Besides managing his own personal blog, ‘Hibilog’, which had 200, 0000 page views within one month, he also designed and released a web magazine called MATCHA under the concept of ‘preserving Japan’s valuable culture’. Aoki supports our project as a professional in Japan tourism web magazines.
CCO and Creative Director at 1- 10 HOLDINGS Inc.
Playing an active role as a Japanese Creative Director, Kida is a pioneer of viral marketing in Japan. After being the CCO and Chief Creative Director at the Creative Studio 1-10 HOLDINGS Inc., he also assumed the role of Executive Vice President at Inspirate Inc. He is challenged daily by creative business reforms, but is not stopped by age, title or occupation and freely lets his ideas lose. Kida supports our project in the field of viral marketing.

About the TOHOKU365Project Executive Committee

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