Day 26-名取市:The Nearest City to Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture


Natori City (名取市) is located in South Miyagi

Prefecture, not far away from Sendai.
Located at the north of Iwanuma city, Natori is colder than most of the cities I have visited during this trip.

ゆりあげ港朝市-The Miyagi Version of Tsukiji Market

The Yuriage Harbor Morning Market (ゆりあげ港朝市) is a large wholesale market for fish, fruits and vegetables in South Miyagi Prefecture. It is one of the largest seafood markets that handle the distribution of seafood and local products in Natori.
In my opinion, the Yuriage Harbor Morning Market is a lot look like the Tsukiji (築地市场) in Tokyo, which is best known as one of the world’s largest fish markets.
The sight of the various kinds of fresh seafood and the busy atmosphere of fishermen, sellers, and buyers hurrying around, makes the Yuriage Harbor Morning Market very photogenic.
I was touched by the smiley faces of people inside the market, even the pets looked happy to me. It seems the smell of the fish aroused the appetite of the dog.
Currently, the Yuriage Harbor Morning Market is the best place for local citizens to spend their Sunday morning. There are free infrastructures to cook the food you just bought inside the market.
The Morning Auction is very famous. Visitors usually line up for the auction starting from 10 o’clock am.
Unlike the Tsukiji Market, the auction in the Yuriage Harbor Morning Market is not limited to tuna, but has a wide range of seafoods and local products to bid for.
In sum, the Yuriage Harbor Morning Market is an exciting area for tourists to view and take pictures of the fish and the people.
The Address of ゆりあげ港朝市 is as follows.

仙台空港臨空公園-Count the Fish Before Sleep, Count the Plane in the Afternoon.

The Sendaikukorinku Park (仙台空港臨空公園) is a nice spot to watch the planes taking off and landing. We arrived at this place in the afternoon, after a wonder DIY lunch at the Yuriage Harbor Morning Market.
As there are so many planes depart or arrive at the Sendai Airport (仙台空港), you don’t have to wait long to see a plane “passes by”.
Watching planes taking off within such a short distance, taking pictures of planes does not need super zoom lens anymore. The address of 仙台空港臨空公園 is as follows.

ささ圭-The Most Chewable Sasakama From Tohoku

Today I visited another famous Sasakama Boko Shop – Sasakei (ささ圭) in Natori city.
Sasakama (Kamaboko) is definitely one of my favorite food, I just didn’t expect I could have the chance to make them by myself one day. Under the guidance of Mr. Sasaki Gyo (佐々木 堯), I toasted two Sasakama by myself. Mr. Sasaki Gyo is the Excutive Representative of the company.


Mr. Sasaki Gyo’s grandpa established this Sasakama family 50 years ago and today Sasakei has become one of the most popular Sasakama brands in Japan. The secret recipe was the main reason for their products to be so popular.


As I have introduced in my previous article, Sasakama is a kind of very healthy food made from fish in my previous article. Sasakei’s Sasakama is very chewable and delicious.


Sasakei has different types of Sasakamato to cater the needs of the customers.


The address of ささ圭 is as follows.

IEON in Natori city – The Largest IEON in Miyagi Prefecture
We stopped by this giant shopping complex to buy our dinner, I never expected the IEON shopping mall in Natori was so photogenic.
The IEON in Natori city is even larger than Sendai’s. I stayed longer than I expected.
The address of Natori IEON is as follows.