Day 2 – 蔵王:The Story of Cheese and Cow

蔵王(Zao) is really a nice place, it’s the place where you wake up and see the scene of Bandari’s (a famous Swiss Music Band) “Snow Dreams”.

蔵王酪農センター-The Secret Behind the World’s Best Cheese


Everyone knows ZAO has the world’s finest cheese, but only extremely few people know the secret behind. I risked my life to sneak into the 蔵王酪農センター(Zao dairy center), and the best news is: I get back with the secret – alive!!!


I know this may infringe the privacy of the cheese producer, but it is such a pity that their recipe remains hidden; therefore, I decide to gamble for once in my life and reveal the secret behind the world-famous super yummy cheese.


The first secret lies in the deep mountains and forests, where a herd of milk cow lives like a king – they drink the water melted from the snow mountain, and eat the grass basked in the golden autumn.


The second secret is that when milk are made into cheese, it’s highly condensed and become 10% in volume. I wonder what the cows may think when they hear this.


The third secret is in the factory where the cheeses are manufactured in an extremely complicated process.


The fourth secret lies in the way the cheeses are preserved and cooled down.


The final secret of yummy cheese is how they are contained and then transported all over the world. They are all packed by beautiful Japanese young girls, some of them are even single!


The address of 蔵王酪農センター (Zao dairy center) is as follows, you can always try their latest products for free!

すみかわスノーパーク-A Failed Trip to See Snow Monsters-Better Luck Next Time


People say that photographers are usually very picky – they are all perfectionists. Therefore, when knowing the snow trunk is going back because of bad weather, I am totally broken inside. Luckily for me, the snow tree hole and the ice cave during the back trip healed me, I guess there is always something that surprises people in the snow paradise of すみかわスノーパーク(Sumikawa Snow Park) .


The military-level snow tank is used to carry tourists from the mountain foot to the top to see the snow monster, it usually takes approximately 45 minutes to get to the destiny.


Sometime the temperature gets 10 degrees centigrade below zero, with the help of this snow trunk, tourists can warm themselves comfortably inside the back carriage while enjoy the fantastic view of the white world.


The snow tree hole is naturally formed under the extreme weather. The shelters of the tree look like umbrellas in the snow, and it’s rather amazing to see from below to the top.


The ice cave, on the other hand, is made by human being as temporary shelters in extreme weather. The cave is usually enough to hold 1-2 people, depending on how much effort you decide to put into making it.


When most people are attracted by the ski resorts in 蔵王, others enjoy their time playing in the snow.


The address of すみかわスノーパーク(Sumikawa Snow Park) is as follows, you can all kinds of even more interesting events in this place.