Day 23 –岩沼市:The Little New York

Iwanuma city is a whole lot like the New York City to me – not the Manhattan type, of course – more of a Brooklyn type I think. They are alike to each other not because of the buildings or street views, but because the similar lifestyle.

東京第一ホテル 岩沼リゾート – Also the 岩沼第一

We stayed at Tokyo Dai-ichi Hotel Iwanuwa Resort last night, it was the best hotel Iwanuma has to offer.
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The whole Tokyo Dai-ichi Hotel Iwanuwa Resort is actually a club more than a hotel, it has a variety of hiking trails, golf yards as well as a swimming facility.

The golf yards are quite huge and professional.
The hiking trail is also very interesting; we climbed to the recommend lookout and enjoyed the grand view of Iwanuma city underneath.
I could see the factory where I took night pictures of last night.
The address of 東京第一ホテル 岩沼リゾート is as follows. I really enjoyed my stay at Tokyo Dai-ichi Hotel Iwanuwa Resort.

金蛇水神社-Legends of the Golden Snake

Having been to so many temples in this trip, I thought the temples just stopped to amaze me anymore. Thus the appearance of Kanahebisui Shrine (金蛇水神社) is indeed a right temple at a right time to change my paranoid.


Snakes are the feature of Kanahebisui Shrine temple; you can see lots of snake elements inside the temple.


The shrine inside the temple is also quite different from other shrines. If you take a close look at this picture you will find those little cute snake dolls, which are used to pray for better things to happen. Some may find it a little bit scary but I liked it.

The golden fish in the artificial lake inside the temple are all very smart. They actually gather around me when I tried to take pictures. The address of 金蛇水神社 is as follows.

みんなの家-Everyone’s House


Judging from its outdoor appearance, this place does not look like a coffee shop to me. Well, this is the “Everyone’s House Café” (みんなの家) is a large cafe in Iwanuma. The name “Everyone’s House” comes from the story behind.
The house now used as a coffee shop was destroyed by the 2011 tsunami; it was rebuilt and re-decorated under the help of volunteers and the government. Since then, the house was used for in-door activities and vegetable selling. In 2013, the house was transformed into a café and obtained the name “Everyone’s House” to express its special appreciations for the volunteers and people who helped them.
The coffee was delicious, and almost every product they produced uses the local material.
The Address of みんなの家 is as follows. They also held activities regularly inside the yard and the house.