Day 25 –角田市:Walking Along the Abukuma River

The Abukuma River must mean a lot to Tohoku Area, it flows through Kakuda, Wateri Iwanuma and so on. Originating from the Abukuma Hills, the Abukuma River flows through Fukushima Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture, and it reaches the Pacific Ocean at last. I’d rather believe that, everything near the river is blessed with the vitality and elegance from the river, just like this cat I met this morning. Her name is Ninja.

Apparently, Ninja was not the only cat I met this morning.
As I walked and walked along the Abukuma River, I glimpsed at the Kakuda Space Center which I visited yesterday.
I am not familiar with cars, is this a Mini Cooper of 2007?
I marked this place on my note; I will come here again and take pictures of the church when there are blossoms on the tree.
The spherical lamps in the street near Kakuda Station looked amusing, I wondered what they look like when lights are on.

高蔵寺-A Temple in the Forest

Kouzozi Temple (高蔵寺) is a famous temple in Kakuda, a huge one in the countryside area.
The Temple is “hidden” in the forest, making it more mystical than other temples I have been too.

I didn’t get inside the temple as I immersed myself so much in the fresh air of the forest.


The forest view was really beautiful, like those you could see in the movie series – “The Hunger Games”.


It seemed that everything associate with the temple is somehow “otherworldly”.


Lake reflections of Japanese courtyard, all that I need is a flock of geese flying south in the sky.


Sometimes the residents of the area make Japanese food and gather together near the temple, just to offer delicious food and beverages for people who visit this temple. They want more people to know about this area as well as their culture.
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The address of 高藏寺 is as follows.

ひだまり- A Wonderful Place for Joy and Fun

Hitamari (ひだまり) is a place for local citizens to gather together and make handicrafts. It is now open to tourists who are interested in Japanese culture.
Under the guidance of the sensei in Hitamari, I made a Sushi by myself for the first time in my life. The shape of the sushi was a traditional Japanese girl.
Many people come to this place every day, not just for the sushi or handworks, but other interesting activities as well.
Tae Sato, a famous singer as well as the tourism promotion ambassador of Marumori, gave a performance at Hitamari.
The address of ひだまり is as follows.

角田市郷土資料館-Precious Memories of Time

The history of the old building and courtyard of the Kakuda Kyodo Shiryokan (角田市郷土資料館) could trace back to hundreds years ago, when Kakuda were established. Today’s model for me was Ms.Indah Anandya, a young and beautiful Tohoku University student from Indonesia.
Compare with the indoor decoration, I liked the yard view more.
Everything inside the Kakuda Kyodo Shiryokan was traditional, well preserving the ancient aroma of Kakuda’s history.
I definitely should try Kimono sometimes – maybe I will try one at my Ph.D graduation ceremony in Japan?
The address of 角田市郷土資料館 is as follows.

角田祭-The Local Festival

Today (February 25, 2017) is a local festival for the residents in Kakuda City.
In the afternoon, we enjoyed the wonderful performance of the kids and residents of Kakuda.
Japanese traditional music was a feast to the ears, I could feel the spirit of the Samurai during the performance.
My trip in Kukada City was ended today. As Kakuda is not far away from Sendai, it would be convenient for me to come back again for pictures of different seasons. Goodbye Kakuda, I definitely would see you again! Kakuda – a place where Zao mountains are far away, a place where Abukuma River flows through.