Day 7 – 蔵王:A Place I Never Get Tired Of

There is something attracts me very much in Zao, it’s very hard to say it out. I decided to spend one more day in Zao to find out more about it.

ゆと森倶楽部-A Hotel Inside, A Club Indeed

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The Yutomori Club (ゆと森倶楽部) is just like its name – it’s more a club than merely a hotel.


The night view of the Club area is romantic. The mood light outside the club is sparking all night long.


The Yutomori Club is special for the following things. First of all, the hotel is very quiet. In order to achieve this, children and groups more than 9 people are not accommodated in this club.


Second, after checking-in, all beverages and food in the hotel are free: dinner and breakfast are “all-you-can-eat” buffets with high quality.


Third, the club values a “free-spirit”, which is good for people who travel frequently.


Fourth, the club has concert in the lobby. Sitting beside the fire and enjoying the wonderful melody, I forget all the uncomfortable feelings in life all at a sudden.


Fifth, except the facilities mentioned above, the club is fully equipped with Kala Ok, Message Lounge, SPA Lounge and out-door sport facilities.


Last but most important, the hot spring in Yutomori Club is absolutely different from other hotels. They have a yoga house by the river side, as well as two hot springs.


The address of ゆと森倶楽部 is as follows. The Yutomori Club holds activities regularly all year long.

ことりはうす-A Place Otherworldly

The Small Birds’s House (ことりはうす) is a magical place in Zao, where I went hiking today.


Hiking is one of my favorite hobbies, my last hiking experience was five years ago in Grand Tilton National Park in U.S. The same thing is that it was in the winter, too; what is different is that today I am accompanied by hiking and botanist – Ms. Emiko Takahashi (高橋惠美子).


It’s not easy to hike in Zao’s forest in the winter – the snow is too thick and there are lots of wild animals outside. Hence the Small Birds’ House provides tourists with professional hiking gears to ensure they have a safe and memorable hiking experience.


The Small Birds’ House offers several hiking trails.


Ms. Emiko Takahashi is an expert in botany and animals of Zao. Having living in the area for several years, she knows everything of the soil and territory underneath.


Today we hiked for two hours. Accompanied by Ms. Emiko and her group, we managed to go up and down the mountains using special “short-cut” trails.


When we finally get to the top of the mountains, we can see the ski resort of Zao in far distance. The sun came up at that time, shinning on our proud face.


The snow was so soft you can lay down any time you want.


The Small Birds’ House also offers in-door exhibitions of Zao’s zoology and they have vivid life-size animal models with high-technology.


The address ofことりはうす is as follows.

チーズ・シェッド-Best Cheese With The Best Material

Everyone knows Zao has the best cheese all over the world, but they have something even better – cheese The Cheese Shed (チーズ・シェッド)is a famous cheese cuisine restaurant.
I use to taste cheese cuisine in the U.S many years ago, and I can tell the difference between American cheese cuisine and the Japanese cuisine: the former is more salty, while the latter’s taste is more comprehensive.
The Zao cheese makes the food more chewable than it originally is.
Normally, cheese cuisine is very oily, but the Zao cheese is very pure and clean, thus the cheese cuisine in Zao is less stodgy and not very greasy at all. The address of チーズ・シェッド is as follows.


On our way back to my home today, the sky was too blue and we stopped frequently to take pictures. It was a wonderful day.