tohoku365 DAY25 ~Pear Jelly~

Pear Jelly


Yamagata is well known for growing the best cherries in Japan. But it’s not just cherries – the region grows a variety of fruits including grapes and pears.

The only problem is given that they’re seasonal it can be difficult to get hold of them!

Fortunately, if you come out of season though, through the miracle of jelly, you can still enjoy the taste of Yamagata’s fruits.

Whilst passing through Yamagata station, I bought a box containing eight elegantly wrapped pieces of pear jelly. It always seems a bit odd eating jelly in Japan, as it’s not something I typically associate with Japan.

The refreshing jelly was bursting full of juicy chunks of pear and is would make a fine souvenir to a friend if you’re passing through the area.

Or you can just do what I did and eat them all by yourself.

WHERE: Yamagata Station, 山形駅