tohoku365 DAY4~Breaded Deep Fried Pork, Tonkatsu ~

Breaded Deep Fried Pork, Tonkatsu


It pained me to write “breaded deep fried pork” as the title, because I’m used to just calling it “Tonkatsu” (it’s Japanese name). Some of the magic of this dish seems to be lost in the translation, perhaps because “breaded deep fried pork” doesn’t sound particularly exciting.

And yet, Tonkatsu is very exciting.
So exciting you’ll wish you could eat it all over again the moment you’ve finished it.

I often find when I’m lost with a group of friends and have to decide what to have for lunch, at least half of the group cries out for Tonkatsu. Partly because it’s a quick convenient lunch, and partly because it’s just that good.

A friend in Sendai recommended the shop Katsusei, a small family run place somewhat hidden away near downtown Sendai. Like a lot of the best restaurants in Japan, you’ll find them to be both hidden and quite small in size and we found Katsusei tucked away in the shadow of Tohoku’s largest skyscraper.

We walked in from the pouring rain to find a relatively small premises, completely full with customers, most of who were sat quietly eating or waiting for their order. In fact, I’d planned to film in there and give a commentary, but such was the quietness I decided not to speak and break the relaxing library-like atmosphere.

I ordered Hirekatsu (pork fillet) and it was perhaps the best Tonkatsu I’ve ever had. I judge the quality by the tenderness of the pork and the crispiness of the batter and Katsusei had successfully married the batter and the pork to create a mouthwatering experience. Katsusei’s reputation was genuine and well deserved.

Next time some friends visit me in Sendai, I know where I’ll be taking them for lunch.

9/ 10
Ridiculously good

Restaurant: Katsusei (かつせい)
Address: 7-25 Kitamemachi, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken 980-0023, Japan