tohoku365 DAY2 ~Ishinomaki Stir Fried Noodles, Yakisoba~

Ishinomaki Stir Fried Noodles, Yakisoba


Yakisoba is about as simple a food dish can get – fried noodles in a bowl, mixed with small pieces of chopped pork hidden within and a small pile of pickled ginger.
But it all adds up to one of the cheapest, most filling dishes you can buy in Japan and you’ll find it’s amongst the most popular foods at festivals up and down the country.

However, in Ishinomaki, a city on Miyagi’s Pacific coastline, you’ll find a unique variation of the popular dish. It’s the only place where you’ll find Yakisoba made from dark brown noodles, produced with medium gluten flour and double steamed. The double steaming process allows for the noodles to be less sticky and allegedly capture a stronger flavour of the fish broth added to the steam and season the noodles.

Having eaten Yakisoba a crazy amount of times, for me the most noticeable difference was the texture of the noodles, which were far less sticky than usual and a lot easier to eat.

I chose medium size with an egg (pictured) and the meal came in at ¥930. A reasonable price for the amount!

Restaurant name: Miuraya (三浦屋)
Address (enter into Google maps): Teranuma-2 Omagari, Higashimatsushima, Miyagi Prefecture