tohoku365 DAY2 ~Fried Oysters, Matsushima Bay~

Fried Oysters, Matsushima Bay


Matsushima Bay is ranked as one of Japan’s three traditional scenic spots. The bay overlooking the Pacific coast contains hundreds of small picturesque islands, best enjoyed by one of the daily boat rides.

The town of Matsushima is also well known for it’s seafood – in particular it’s giant Oysters. We headed into the Santori Chaya restaurant on the sea front this evening, looking to grab some fresh raw oysters, but the popular dish had already sold out.

Fortunately though, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as we ended up ordering fried oysters instead and they were absolutely outstanding. In fact, I’m now convinced this is the best way to enjoy fresh Oysters – battered and with a side of tartar sauce.

It was a real surprise and I left the restaurant wanting more.

If you find yourself in Matsushima, I’d genuinely recommend fried Oysters over raw Oysters! (They’re probably a bit more accessible to most folks as well, given that raw Oysters are something of an acquired taste).

Restaurant: Santori Chaya (さんとり茶屋)
Address: 24-4-1 Senzui Matsushima-machi Miyagi-gun Miyagi-prefecture