tohoku365 DAY4 ~Pork Buckwheat Noodles (Soba)~

Pork Buckwheat Noodles (Soba)


At the end of Sendai’s never-ending, super long shopping arcade lies a bustling stand up bar selling udon and soba noodle dishes called “Soba no Kanda Nakakecho”.

We dropped in during the evening and fought for a spot in the small but crowded bar, full of customers, many of whom looked like they’d just finished a night of drinking. It’s common to grab a noodle dish after a work party, to fill your sake-filled stomach before heading home (in the same way British people grab a kebab or chips).

To call the service speedy would be an understatement. I saw one man ordering, eating and leaving in about three minutes.

I ordered soba noodles, with a few slices of pork and onions on top. Soba noodles are most commonly eaten dry, without soup, so it was strange for me to eat them from a soup. But nonetheless it tasted great and given that it cost just ¥490, it was an absolute bargain!

Restaurant: Soba no Kanda Nakakecho
Address: 1-8-38 Chuo, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture