tohoku365 DAY1 ~Shaved Ice~

Shaved Ice


Outside of Sendai station we came across some stands selling various festival foods and desserts, as the Sendai Jazz festival is currently in full swing.

It was here we grabbed one of the most popular sweets at Japanese festivals, Kakigori, a dessert comprised of shaved ice and flavoured syrup. There were a range of flavours to choose from including melon, cherry and lemon, but I ended up trying strawberry, for ¥250.

Whilst it tasted more like sugary syrup, than strawberry, it was a wonderfully refreshing treat and it wasn’t long before the huge pile of ice had melted away into a small puddle in my cup, under the glaring sun.

For people like me who aren’t so crazy about ice cream, Kakigori is the next best thing on a hot summer’s day.