tohoku365 DAY17 ~INANIWA UDON~



In Akita prefecture the Inaniwa udon are made in the city of Inakawa. They are usually hand-stretched, and slightly thinner than the type of thick udon we all know and love.

Its production requires a meticulous selection of ingredients and lots of skills, so not many quantities could be made in the old days. After the Meiji period it became one of the specialties of Akita prefecture and of course, thanks to modern production techniques the noodles are now available at pretty much any restaurant in Akita prefecture.

And this is what we tried today!

The noodles are strangely thin, and as you can notice the yellow tinge is a distinctive characteristic of Inaniwa Udon. The noodles are boiled for only three minutes (half of the standard udon cooking time) and then plunged into cold water and the end result is a noodle that is almost shin and translucent.

When eating the udon you dip it into Mentsusyu sauce (consisting of soy sauce, miring and dried fish flakes), having first mixed in the chopped onions and wasabi on the side.

WHERE : Kyoei Palace
ADDRESS : 148 Aza Haruyama, Tazawa, Tazawako, Semboku 014-1204, Akita prefecture