tohoku365 DAY16 ~HONEY PIZZA~



Tazawa Lake is the deepest freshwater lake in Japan, in a relatively isolated region of Akita, surrounded by picturesque mountains and forests.

It’s easily one of my top 5 locations in Japan, as it looks stunning. And surprisingly, just 5 minutes from the lake (by car), you can find several restaurants selling honey related products. But the place that caught my eye was the restaurant selling freshly made Italian-style pizza.

People often ask me if you can find pizza in Japan, as it’s not something you’d typically associate with Japanese cuisine. Yet, you’ll be relived to learn that pizza in Japan is very good, with the chefs often having learned Italian cooking techniques, and then improving upon them.

I ordered a “half and half” pizza, as I wanted to sample two flavours; four cheese on one side and pork on the other and I was able to see the chef from my table, kneading the fresh dough.

Few things can beat the smell of a fresh pizza, as it’s placed before you, fresh out of the oven. I knew it was going to be good before I’d even tasted it, and covered the pizza with the small pot of honey that came with my order.

The dough was light and fluffy, the ingredients so fresh, and the pork so tender. It was a genuinely excellent pizza and it felt like an anomaly, as I sat there in the restaurant, looking out the window across the plains of rice fields and the nearby mountains.

Pizza lovers needn’t worry if they’re in Japan. You’re covered!

WHERE: Yama no Hachimitsuya
ADDRESS: 163-3 Ishigami Obonai Tazawako Semboku 014-1201, Akita prefecture