tohoku365 DAY19 ~OYAKODON~



‘Oyakodon’ literally translates as “parent-and-child donburi” – donburi meaning a rice bowl dish. The dish gets it’s name from the ingredients that go into Oyakodon; eggs and chicken fillet.

Hence, somewhat poetically, the ‘parent’ refers to the chicken and the ‘child’ refers to the egg. The dish takes on the texture and appearance of an omelette, with the chicken and eggs cooked in a sauce comprised of soy, dashi (fish stock) and sugar.

Because of the sugar, the dish tastes a little sweet, and it’s quite satisfying piercing through the omelette on top and discovering the rice underneath.

I was feeling very hungry when I ordered the dish, feeling as though I could eat an entire planet. When the bowl was brought out I was initially disappotined at the size of the bowl and the portion food.

Yet, I struggled to finish it, as Oyakodon is remarkably filling. I also found the sweet taste of the dish made it taste slightly addictive, and I found myself eating my way through the dish very quickly.

WHERE : Akita Hinai Jidoriya
ADDRESS : 7-2-1 Nakadori, Akita, Akita prefecture