tohoku365 DAY20 ~LEEK RAMEN~



Japan adapts its meal according to the seasons, that is why the menu in many restaurant change according to this.

I was wandering in Akita city and stumbled across Kara Hashi Chaya restaurant, serving seasonal ramen dishes, with fresh ingredients from around Akita.

Between all the kanji on the menu I was a bit confused and ask for further help and the shop staff recommended trying some steaming hot Leek ramen, given it was the first cold day of the Autumn season.

The recipe is simple; this is a clear soup (known in Japanese as ‘Assari’ meaning light broth). The key ingredients were freshly chopped leek and thinly sliced pork. In general the taste of this dish is really light, the leeks are soft, and the soy based broth contained a pleasant hint of leek. The meat is tender and has preserved this original taste without being spoiled by the other ingredients taste.

On a cold day, this is the dish you need to warm yourself up.

WHERE : Kara Hashi Chaya
ADDRESS : 1st floor hotel Alpha-1
      4-16-2 Nakadori, Akita, 010-0001, AKita Prefecture