tohoku365 DAY18 ~GINGER RAMEN~



I often do my best to avoid ramen during lunch time, as I become very sleep soon after finishing it – I’m guessing it’s something to do with the noodles and the thick soups I often choose.

However, today I had a ramen that seemed to me to be the perfect lunch time dish at Ebisuya – a ramen shop specialising in Ginger ramen.

The recipe is simple; the soup is salt based (as opposed to the more common Miso or Soy bases), and contained a variety of vegetables including beans spouts, corns, onions and most noticeably by the smell, ginger. It also had something I rarely find in ramen – chicken.

It was quite honestly some of the most refreshing ramen I’ve ever had, with the salty broth filled with the taste of lemons and ginger and the tender chunks of chicken were an absolute bonus. That said, I was enjoying the soup so much, I kept forgetting the chicken was even there.

Be careful not to eat too much ginger at one time though – unless you have some kind of ginger obsession.

WHERE: Ebisuya
ADDRESS: 〒010-0854 Akita Prefecture, Akita, 手形山崎町9−29 丹野 ビル 1F