tohoku365 DAY18 ~CHOSETSU SAKE~



I had the chance to attend a guided tour in the Yuki No Bosha factory. Wandering between huge casks and numerous tips I understood that the creation of sake is not a simple thing.

What is special about their sake is that the sake is organic and produced using unconventional methods; no water is added to sake and when it rests in a barrel for many days, the sake is not stirred.

Despite winning an endless list of awards, Yuki no Bosha’s excellent sake is sold at a very affordable price, between ¥1,000 and ¥8,000 per bottle.

It was time for me to taste different types of sake, from the cheapest from ¥1,000 yen to the more expensive one, which is of higher quality.

The first taste was very light and pleasant, but my favorite was undoubtedly the high quality one. It has a strong flavor and fruity on the palate. The 16% alcohol slightly warms up and brings us a marvellous sensation from the first sip.

WHERE: Yuki no Bosha
ADDRESS: 53 Ishiwaki,Ishiwaki,Yurihonjo 015-0011,Akita Prefecture