Of all the various mochi confectionary I’ve eaten through my travels, this was the one I feel most favourably about. Imagine a Turkish delight, flattened into a pancake and filled with red bean paste, and you’ve got Butter Azuki Mochi.

The mochi is so soft that I found it difficult to get out the packet, as it flopped around all over the place. The reason I liked it, is I often find it difficult to eat a whole piece of conventional sized mochi, compressed into a thick cake.

Butter Azuki Mochi is so thin, that it’s the perfect size in my view. It’s very satisfying when the red bean paste inside oozes out in your mouth, whilst chewing the mochi, and the sweet buttery taste makes it sweeter than other mochi based confectionary I’ve had on my travels.

Where: Akita Station Confectionary Shop / most souvenir shops in Akita
Address: Akita station