Come try on traditional Samurai armor and send original videos to share with your friends, family and, social media!

Come try on traditional Samurai armor and send original videos to share with your friends, family and, social media!

What is Shiroishi Castle?

Shiroishi Castle (also known as Masuoka Castle) is a flatland-style Castle (a castle built on a hill or plateau so that the height of the terrain is advantageous for the war) in the heart of Shiroishi City (Masuoka Park). It was a strategic point in the south of the Sendai domain, and was the residence of Katakura, a senior vassal of the Date clan, for more than 260 years until the Meiji Restoration after the Battle of Sekigahara. This castle was built in the late 16th century. It was dismantled in the 7th year of the Meiji era but in memory of the great achievement of Katakura Kagetsuna, who made a name for himself as one of the key subordinates of Date Masamune. In 1995, the third-floor turret (Tenjokaku) and Ote Ichinomon / Ote Ninomon has been restored to historical facts.

The castle tower was restored in 1995 using high-quality Japanese woodand the fragrance of the  the wood is very tranquil. You can also enjoy all four seasons at the castle and depending on the season it will be a completely different experience! The vibrant cherry blossoms are beautiful in spring, green is  vibrant in the summer,  leaves are gorgeous in Autumn, and snow is stunning in the winter.

△Cherry Blossom season at Shiroishi Castle

Enter the castle!

There will be a new activity to enjoy Shiroishi Castle, “Take photos that will look great on Social Media!
Introducing the Ultimate Armor Expereince at Shiroishi Castle!”This experience includes a guided tour of Shiroishi Castle and the experience of wearing Samurai armor and shooting original videos

First off, I would like to introduce the guides!

Ashigaru-san and Mr. NINJA are working day and night to energize Shiroishi City!  They believe that there are many attractive places and fascinating people in Shiroishi City, and he has a strong desire to convey the charm of Shiroishi City not only to Japan but to the rest of the world and connect with them. The full-scale armor experience is run by such a passionate man, Ashigaru-san, and Mr.NINJA, who is fluent in English. They strive to talk in an easy-to-understand manner so visitors who do not have any knowledge of Japan can enjoy and leave with more knowledge and interest.

Now let’s go through the castle with the guides!

Armor fitting experience!

In the armor fitting experience you can wear the armor of Date Masamune,the lord of the Date feudal lord, and Yukimura Sanada. Yukimura Sanada had a deep historical connection with Kojuro Katakura, the lord of Shiroishi Castle (for more information, please contact Ashigaru-san and Mr. NINJA!). You can try it on and wear it over your everyday clothes, so you can enjoy it effortlessly. Travel back in time and experience what it’s like to be a samurai general!

Once you try on the armor, you can keep the armor on as you walk around outside, and find the perfect spot for a picture to upload to social media! Strike poses resembling a samurai warrior and take a majestic photo! Share the majestic photos with your friends, family, and social media.

New Activity! Create Original Samurai Video!

In addition to the photoshoot and tour, we have added a new activity, Original Video Shoot,to the armor fitting experience!  Now, visitors will be able to create a unique and entertaining short video while wearing the samurai armor around the castle as part of an option plan. In the short video, they will use a pre-designed 15-second animation of visitors shooting arrows and swinging down katanas (samurai sword). It is an excellent activity for visitors because these videos will create a memory of a lifetime that you can reminisce about with friends and family. To enjoy this activity to its fullest potential, make exciting facial expressions, and most importantly, have fun throughout the filming!

Location Shiroishi-shi, Masuoka-cho 1−16 Japan
Price 6500 yen per person
Number of Participants Number of Applicants :1 to 4 people
Official Website Amusement Castle Shiroishi
Registration Please use the link below to register
※Registration deadline is the day before the tour
About Cancellations Canceling the day before: 50%
Canceling the day of:100%
Summary The super light course
500 yen per person and it will be a simple armor fitting only for the upper body. Props include helmets, torso, swords, and jinbaori (battle surcoat) can be attached.
The light course
2000 yen and it will be an armor fitting for the entire body. Props for the light course include helmets, torso, gauntlets, Shinto, swords, and jinbaori can be attached. There will also be a guidance for the photoshoot and posing.
The kid’s plan
3000 yen and you can experience a full-body armor experience in which the discount amount fluctuates according to the number of users in the experience of two or more people such as siblings, parents, and children. It is a great value for the number of participants.

(In charge:Matsui)

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