〜The second day〜Visiting Aomori and Akita Prefectures by a rental & highway car at an affordable price

〜The second day〜Visiting  Aomori and Akita Prefectures by a rental & highway car at an affordable price

The second day

This article is about the 2nd day of Taiwanese students retal car trip. For the first day please click the previous page.

At 07:30am we woke up early, headed toward “Aomori Gyosai Center”. In the market, you can enjoy original Nokke don, which is a dish that allow customers to pick the toppings by themslves. After buying the tickets in the counter, you can go through and around 30 stands inside the market and pick up the toppings you would like to place on the rice.

You can only buy the very fresh toppings at special price in the market.

Even though they didn’t understand each other’s language, by gestures and body language, they still can understand each other.

When finished, the seafood don with lots of toppings only costed 1,300 yen.

While making the original don, you become active and don’t feel to sleep.
Aomori Gyosai Center→Click here

At 9:00am when it comes to buy souvenirs for Aomori trip, “Aomori Tourist Information Center ASPAM” is a good choice. Here, you can not only find almost all famous product of Aomori,but have a meal in the restaurant and enjoy the view from observatory. One thing that caught people’s attention was Goldfish Nebuta, the traditional craft in Aomori. Everyone listened to the clerk very attentively.

Aomori Tourist Information Center ASPAM→ Click here

At 10:00am we headed toward the palce where on the first day, we read an information about “Nebuta Museum WA RASSE” from the magazine “Haitabi”, which was placed in the service area.
Travel magazine “Haitabi” →Click here

In the museum, you can experience Nebuta festival, one of the most representative summer festivals in Tohoku everyday. The live performance of the festival music was the headline.

The sound of Taiko is heartbeating.

The Nebuta dancer “Haneto” taught us the yell “RA SSERA” and showed us how to dance. We were not able to dance in the resaurant last night, so we challenged ourselves to dance.

The player taught us how to play hand cymbal, which is part of the festival music. It made us want to participate in the real Aomori Nebuta Festival from August 2nd to 7th.
Nebuta Museum WA-RASSE → Click here
Nebuta Festival Official Site → Click here

At 11:30am, after dancing for a while, we felt a bit hungry. So we went to “Aji no Sapporo Onishi”, whose Miso Curry Ramen was one of the famous cuisine in Aomori. “What will the flavor be when Miso combines with curry and milk…” we felt unsafe and nervous. Soup was totally fine and the apron was given to us too.

This is “Miso Curry Milk Ramen”. Let’s try.

“””Oh! It’s really delicious!””
The flavor of curry and miso are smooth smell; miky and butter matches perfectly. We finished it just a moment without consiousness.”
Aji no Sapporo Onishi→ Click here

At 12:30pm The last stop in Aomori was “A-FACTORY”, which was built along the sea with fashion appearance. Besides crafts and foods made by ingredients from Aomori, the brewhouse producing cider made by Aomori’s apple can be found as well. You can watch the production through the glass.
You can choose souvenirs here as well. Take a look of each product, glance the store at your own pace.

At 13:00pm we then discuss where to go in the afternoon in the café corner. After checking the map in “Haitabi”, which is published by NEXCO East Japan, we decided to head to the coastal part of Akita. The destination is Oga, which is famous for Namahage.
Travel magazine “Haitabi” →Click here
Tohoku Expressway Pass→Click here
A-FACTORY → Click here

Departing from Aomori-chuo Interchange, we used Tohoku Expressway, transferring to Akita Expressway by Kosaka junction, and then exited by Odateminami Interchange, heading to Japanese National Route No.7 continuously. Once we arrived Noshiro Ciyy Futatsui Machi, a woman sitting with parasol appeared at the end of the road. We were surprised.
Actually, the woman is selling Babahera ice cream, which is a famous snack of Akita. When season turns to summer, the local women sells it along the roadside.

“Reaching a new opening service area at Michi no Eki Futatui, we tried Babahera.
After we ordered four, the women used a spatula to shape the ice cream into a rose. “”I don’t know the reason but watching makes me nervous”” said the woman while serving the ice cream.”

This is “Babahera” ice cream.

It’s picture time. Instagenic, isn’t it?

Again we entered Akita Expressway from Futatuishirakami Interchange, and exited expressway by Hachiryu Interchange.

The sun reflects off the Sea of Japan. We headed to the famous spot “Godzilla rock”, enjoying the scenery outside at the same time.

At 17:00pm it took only 3 minute-walk from where we parked the car to Godzilla rock. “IT IS Godzailla!”

Matching Pose!

The second day ended here. We checked in the hotel in Oga city. Let’s enjoy more in Oga tomorrow.

Tohoku Expressway Pass→Click here

Travel magazine “Haitabi” traditional English version→Click here

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