〜The first day〜 Visit Aomori and Akita by car rental& highway at an affordable price 

〜The first day〜 Visit Aomori and Akita by car rental& highway at an affordable price 

At 12:00 noon, 4 people will assemble at Sendai Airport . First, head toward the Car Rental to go through the procedure.
The procedure is easy. Just apply for the special ETC card and you are done. Show your passport and driver license, and select the number of days you want to apply for.

Tohoku Expressway Pass→Click here

Set up the ETC card to the car you rented. Let’s start the first day of the summer trip in Tohoku region!


Please make sure that you have inserted the ETC card when you pass the tollgate. Japan has it driving seat on the left side which is different from most countries in the world. At first you might be confused, but as long as you get used to it, you can drive as usual. Please keep on a low speed which can stop safely at anytime should the bar rises. Once the bar rises, please check your direction and move forward. There are 2 lanes on the expressway, so please remember that the right-side lane is for overtaking.

Note that foreign visitors can use the expressway unlimitedly at 4,000 yen for 2 days, 8,500 yen for 1 week. Therefore, one can save more when used for more days and the limit of use is for 2 weeks at most.

In entering the expressway from Sendai interchange, we made Tsurusu parking area our first stop to rest. There are some service area or parking area near the expressway, which are equipped with free corner for rest, toilet, souvenir stores, restaurants, and light meal corner.

“””””””Haitabi”””” is a free magazine providing the travel information in Tohoku and maps. You can take it for free at service areas. Also, you can access it by smartphone by scanning the QR code. The magazine on the WEB has traditional Chinese version as well so don’t worry about the language.
Let’s make the best use of Tohoku Expressway Pass! After the discussion, we decided to go to the northernmost part of Tohoku region– Aomori prefecture. “””
Travel magazine “Haiwabi” traditional English version→Click here

At 17:30pm after four and half an hours of driving, we finally arrived Aomori city, where Aomori Prefectural gocernment is located. As a coastal city, you can feel the ocean breeze in the atmosphere.

When we arrive at the first stop-Aomori Prefectural museum of art. The museum is full of works by the artists who have connection with Aomori prefecture. It is quite worth seeing.

Among all the works, “Aomori Dog” made by the world-famous painter and sculptor Yoshitomo Nara, can be sais to be the most popular one. Many people come to the museum to have a look at the art.
Aomori Prefectural museum of art →Click here

At 18:30pm after the exicting view at Aomori Prefectural museum of art, the four people will move to “Takakyu Nebutanokuni” to have their dinner. The restaurant is so popular that all seats are occupied. We recommend you to make a reservation before coming.

The menu starts with baked shell,a kind of local cuisine, followed by dishes of seasonal seafood which was catched from the ocean nearby and vegatables. When making an order, the clerk often ask the country you come from.

The stage openning was at 19:00. The clerk started the program by introducing where were the customers from group by group. When other customers heard that we were foreign students from Taiwan, they welcomed us with big hand.

When the restaurant was filled with a harmonious atmosphere, the Tsugaru Shamisen players started his performance. With the powerful performance, the player grabbed everyone’s attention.

Continuing is the Aomori Nebuta Festival music. The clerk, even the customers, indulged themselves dancing with the music.

Last, an entertainer acted as one of Seven Deities of Good Fortune, Daikokuten, appeared on the stage! His unique performance made the whole room brust into laugh.

The entertainer came to the audience table by table, so the audience can take picture with him.

“The first day ended with a joyful night when we interacted with local people. Then check in our hotel and had a rest!
The first stop tomorrow is the cuisine of morning market in Aomori city. ”

Takakyu Nebutanokuni→Click here
Tohoku Expressway Pass→Click here
Travel magazine “Haitabi” →Click here

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