Strategy article:Learn With a Guide,​ the Rebirth From a Nuclear Accident​
~A journey to learn about proper radiation knowledge and food safety~​

Strategy article:Learn With a Guide,​  the Rebirth From a Nuclear Accident​~A journey to learn about proper radiation knowledge and food safety~​

Connecting by local train and bus 「New Tohoku Journey」
Learn With a Guide,​the Rebirth From a Nuclear Accident​
~A journey to learn about proper radiation knowledge and food safety~​

Through this absolutely unique tour, you will learn how Fukushima has recoverd from the nuclear accident. In Katsurao village where the entire population once was evacuated, you will experience everything from crop harvesting to radiation testing to learn the facts about radiation and food safety.​

Highly recommended for people who wish to..
・enjoy activities in a natural environment with family members.
・learn more about radiation in a group.
・take it easy in a natural environment.

as of Jan 1st, 2021, in the center of Katsurao, radiation dose is 0.10μSv/h. Radiation level is so stable that it has no effect on health.
【reference: average】radiation levels at major cities
Tokyo:0.03μSv/h, Kyoto:0.07μSv/h, New york:0.05μSv/h, London:0.1μSv/h ( NRA, Lapan Nuclear Regulation Authority)

For more infomation about radiation levels, please visit.
Post 2011.3.11 General Information

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※This tour is planned for personal travelers who wish to make use of public transportation(e.g., local train and buses)
and communicate with local people and enjoy local delicacies surrounded by magnificent nature.
This is your chance to dive deep into Tohoku.​
※using JR-PASS is recommended


farming experience on the revived farmland
In Katsurao, once shipment of agricultural goods was suspended because of the nuclear accident, decontamination of all the lands has been completed and farming has been continued.
During this tour, tourists can experience harvesting seasonal vegitables under the guidance of farming instructors.
radiation testing for freshly harvested vegitables
This tour includes the whole eatng experience.
As soon as vegitables are harvested, radiation testing is performed. Once all the vegitables pass the inspection, are then cooked and served.
come and see how improved this area is for yourself.
optional tour
The village sits at 500 meters above sea level with 400 residents, this area is perfect for star gazing.
Also, visitors find bonfires in this quiet area very soothing.
(reservations needed) ​

travel itinerary

  1. meeting with a tour guide
  2. From Koriyama to Katsurao
  3. Highlight: lunch at a famous local restaurant, Ishii Shokudou
  4. Highlight: farming experience
  5. Highlight: radiation testing
  6. Accommodation: optional activities are available
  7. Highlight: authentic village life experience
  8. from Katsurao to Koriyama

1:meeting with a guide ( where to meet) guide

Meet at the「10:45(please do not be late)」
Be sure to be at the「Koriyama Tourist Information Center (JR Koriyama station 2nd floor)」 by 10:45.
※if you can’t make it on time, please contact us on the tourist chat as soon as possible.

Your tour guide from ‘Omotenashi Guide Fukushima’ will be waiting at the meeting point.
The guide will help with any questions you may have.
Tour will begin after checking 「your tour confirmation mail」and「your name」,You will receive an itenerary and tickets.

2:From Koriyama to Katsurao

Tour begins here.
First, Koriyama to Funehiki on JR Ban-Etsu Higashi Line
JR Ban-etsu east line( for Ono shinmchi) is at platform 6
※JR pass holders do not need to but tickets. Show your JR pass to a station attendant at the ticket gate.

Koriyama Station(leave at 11:19) →Funehiki Station (arrive at 11:45)

The 85 km Jr Ban-etsu east line is a local train that connects Iwaki( coastal side ) with Koriyama( inland area)
Cherry blossoms in Spring and rice ears in Autumn, you can enjoy the scenery unique to Japan from the train window.
In the front car, it is fun to see the train running through trees and tunnels on a narrow railroad.

25minutes to Funehiki station
on the train, to make the tour more fun and unique, tour participants are encouraged to talk about what made them interested in joining the tour and what Fukushima means to them.

arrive at Funehiki station
30 minutes layover

During the layover, your tour guide will talk about…
・What the area was like when the big earthquake occurred.
・ideas behind the tour
・manners and rules
please feel free to ask any questions.

move to the bus stop in front of the station and board.
(No lavatory on the bus)

Funehiki Station (leave at 12:20)→Ochiai Katsurao Village(arrive at 13:11)

50minutes to Katsurao
This bus is used by locals so you can feel at home, experiencing village life.
Seeing views from the window or taking a nap, please enjoy the bus trip.
※If you suffer from motion sickness, you should take anti-motion sickness before boarding as the bus runs through mountain roads.


○Get on the bus
get on the bus from the rear and touch your NORUCA over the card reader at the side of the door.
※You do not need to take a ticket.
※NORUCA is a Fukushima transportation, Inc’s IC card commuter pass.feel free to take it home as a souvenir.
※Suica can not be used.

○on the bus
Please do not bring strong-smelling foods like fish, garlic or sausage.
all the buses and bus stops are non-smoking
Please put your mobile phone in silent mode and refrain from talking on the phone. Put on earphones when listening to music etc..
○get off the bus
press one of the buttons on the wall to request a stop after your station name announcement.
touch your NORUCA against the card reader near the driver and get off from the front.
(※bus fares are included in the tour)

3:Highlight ( Ishii syokudou restaurant)

arrive at Katsurao
We will have lunch at local’s favorite restaurant ‘Ishii shokudou’

So much food for a low price! You may need somebody else’s help to finish their popular fried rice and it is only \600!
We hope eating at the villagers’ favorite restaurant will make you feel closer to the region.
noodles and set meals are also available ( price range \600-\900)
※lunch cost is not included in the tour.

4:Highlight: farming experience

after meal break, walk to the vegetable feild for the next activity.

Due to the radiation effects, agriculture and livestock, Katsurao’s main industory, was once entirely suspended.
Thanks to all the tireless efforts,decontamination has been achieved and the area has been revitalized.
We will visit one of the farmers to experience harvesting seasonal vegetables while socializing with local residents.

Time will seem to stop when you experience the smell and feel of the seasonal vegetables.
You will feel as one with the land.

5:Highlight: radiation testing

this activity, you will learn how to measure radiation levels on vegitables right from the feild.
At ‘Azelea’, a public hall dedicated to the revival of Katsurao Village, there is a radiation testing laboratory. Vegetables and livestock can be easily tested.

Use a device that detects levels of radiation, mainly cesium, from the vegetables to confirm they are safe to use.
①confirm the area where the vegetables were harvested
②depending on the method, some vegetables are left whole while others are chopped into a bag
③put them in the device.
results for vegetables take 30 minutes to an hour and water up to 6 hours.
Under Fukushima regulation, vegetables that are lower than 25Bq/Kg are considerd safe and sent to market.
All the vegetables that are harvested in Katsurao are lower than the lowest level( 1~2Bp/Kg)

through this unique learning experience, participants will learn facts about radiation and what Fukusima does to ensure its food safety.

6:Accommodation: optional activities are available

stay at Seseragi sou hotel in Katsurao

listen to the sound of nature and relax in the large bath, at Seseragi sou hotel
you will enjoy Katsurao’s everyday food such as mountain vegetables and mushrooms cooked by locals moms.
*due to Japanese traditions, tatoos should not be shown in public bath.

sleep on a futon in a traditional Japanese style room.

calm and relaxing atomosphere.

bonfires/ stargazing and local BBQed food are also available as an optional plan.

○bonfires and stargazing
The village sits at 500 meters above sea level with 400 residents, this area is perfect for stargazing.
Also, visitors find bonfires in this quiet area very soothing.
→ 10,000/per group
※reservation in advance needed (when booking the tour)
※cancelled in bad weather(refundable)

○switch your meal to BBQ
→ local vegitables + choice of meat(pork or beef): +\2,000/ per person
→ adding local herb-fed poultry: \300/ 100g
→ adding local lamb : \1,500/ 100g
※reservation in advance needed (when booking the tour)

7:Highlight: authentic village life experience

2nd day.
check-out at 10:00.
walk to Azelea on foot.
Experience traditional crafts and local cuisine that have been passed down for many years.

take the handmade craft home as a souvenir!

learn how to cook local cuisine and enjoy eating it!
The recipe is given to you so you can make it for your friends and family.

you can also enjoy the souvenir shop in the facility to remind of this day.

8:Katsurao to Koriyama

talk about the trip with the tour guide on the bus to Funehiki station

layover is 20 minutes
We will have wi-fi so share your first-time-ever experience on SNS!

take the Ban-etsu east line to Koriyama.
Tour ends here so do as you wish
Moving to your next destination From Koriyama is easy.

Train schedule below is subject to change, please check at Koriyama station.

Tohoku Shinkansen: For Sendai
Koriyama Station (leave at 13:59)→Sendai Station(arrive at 14:37)
Tohoku Shinkansen: For Tokyo
Koriyama Station (leave at 14:05)→Tokyo Station(arrive at 15:24)

Learn With a Guide,​the Rebirth From a Nuclear Accident​
~A journey to learn about proper radiation knowledge and food safety~​

This tour lets each and every participant learn about Fukushima’s current situation (facts about radiation and food safety) through experiencing one ordinary day in Katsurao. Join us for the one of the most unique experiences and see it for yourself and share the story with the whole world!

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