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In 2008 I started the activity of the design office "stosdesign" in local Sendai. I creared on more than 1,000 websites so far, absorbs various professional jobs encountered in the activities, accumulates own writing ability, photography technology. Encourage tohoku 365 from the field hitting skills and the Web producer's eyes. Since the start of TOHOKU 365 Project in 2016, I am involved in media management and article creation. Favorable categories are "food" "sights" "active" Born in Sendai, raised in Sendai, I cheated on Chiba · Tokyo afterwards, and I am a local favorite who has returned to Sendai again! We will disseminate the charm of Tohoku with my best partner Yu-ga! TOHOKU 365 Project Assistant Manager / President of stosdesign CO.,Ltd. / TOHOKU MIRAI CUP Executive Producer