Tsuriishi Shrine, and the God That Won’t Fall

Tsuriishi Shrine, and the God That Won’t Fall


The god of examination that defies gravity!

We love shrines here at Tohoku365 as they showcase Japanese culture so well, and the Tsuriishi Shrine in Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture, is no exception. Located in the town of Kitakamichō , Jūsanhama (北上町十三浜) the shrine is known for the huge boulder that sits perched upon a ledge and represents the god of examination.

The boulder has not moved through many different catastrophes like the 1978, Miyagi-ken-oki earthquake and the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, earning it the title of the “God of Examination that defies gravity”, but only if it’s worshipped during exam time.

The shrine is also known as a place to bring good luck to companies as the word “Tsuri” means “good catch” and the boulder itself looks like a turtle which is said to represent “long living”.

The mass scale is awesome!! 

Going up the stairs allows you to see it closely.

(↑From underneath )
We aren’t quite sure how it’s staying up there!

(↑From the side)
Is it supported by the rocks or stuck in the mountain?
Nonetheless it’s interesting to see from any angle.


Come to Tsuriishi Shrine to see the large 14mm boudler that defies gravity!


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