Enjoy flat-rate Taxi

Enjoy flat-rate Taxi

What is a flat-rate Taxi

Regular taxis use a meter that charges customers based on distance or time, right?
However, for flat-rate taxis, you know the fare before you ride, so you don’t have to worry about the price changing. The price doesn’t get any higher even if, for example, the taxi gets stuck in a traffic jam, or the taxi has to take a detour.

In addition, you can make reservations in advance, which makes it easier to get around. You then don’t have to stress about not being able to hail a taxi. For foreigners, if they make reservations in advance, they don’t have to worry about not being able to understand Japanese.

How about trying out a flat-rate taxi? Make your next trip stress-free!

・The flat-rate taxi service is reservation-only. Please make your reservation via phone or website at least one hour before your intended    boarding time.
・The taxi drivers will follow a prescribed route between the pickup and dropoff locations.

Hitome Senbon Zakura “Thousand Cherry Blossom Trees at One Glance

When you think of spring, you think of cherry-blossom viewing parties.
Have you even gone to see the Hitome Senbon Zakura (“Thousand Cherry Blossom Trees at One Glance”)?
Extremely popular right now, this cherry blossom sightseeing spot is ranked the #1 cherry blossom viewing spot in Japan.

With about 365 cherry blossom trees inside the park, including weeping cherry and Yoshino cherry trees, it is said that the total number of trees is over 1000. When the flowers are in full bloom, the view is so beautiful, you sigh without realizing it.

If you use a flat-rate taxi, you know the price per person, so payment goes smoothly!
When you come to Miyagi, take lots of pictures of the cherry blossoms.

Yuriage Harbor Morning Market

Next, we’d like to introduce the Yuriage Harbor Morning Market, a famous morning market in Miyagi Prefecture.
A morning market with a 40-year history that halted after the Great East Japan Earthquake, it reopened in December 2013.
A symbol of the post-earthquake reconstruction, the market contains about 50 shops.

Anyone can participate in the auctions for specialty products like akagai clams and shirasu sardines. If you’re lucky, you might be able to buy something at half price. You should definitely try it out!

Yuriage Harbor Morning Market, where energetic voices fly back and forth above fresh seafood.
Why don’t you come spend your morning eating delicious food and interacting with the local people?
You’ll fall in love with Japan’s marketplace!

(From Sendai Station to Yuriage Harbor Morning Market)※ only one way


Michinoku Lakeside Park

There are flower meadows and camp grounds on the extensive grounds of the park.
Not only does the scenery you can admire change with the season, but there are also plenty of activities for anyone, from kids to adults, to enjoy.

There is a water plant garden with about 500 water lilies, scarlet sage, marigolds, and coleus plants, as well as a Biotope Experiment Area, a small path and wooden path where you can observe plants and insects near the water.

With a fully-equipped nursing room and a space that can be safely used by small children, we recommend this spot for family travel. Please enjoy a wonderful time here with your family and friends while relaxing in nature.
(Sendai Station Michinoku Lakeside Park)※ only one way



If you come to Miyagi Prefecture, there is one really famous place you have to visit at least once: Matsushima.
It is famous nationwide as one of Japan’s three famous sights.

Starting with national treasure Zuiganji Temple, there are lots of interesting or famous spots to see, such as restaurants serving gourmet seafood or stylish cafes and shops!

There are lots of souvenir shops, so you can enjoy shopping. If you use the taxi, then you don’t have to worry about how much you’re carrying, so you can shop freely!
(From Sendai Station to Matsushima-Kaigan Station)※ only one way


Around Sendai Port

Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium, the largest aquarium in Miyagi Prefecture.
In Umino-Mori Stadium, the highest-grade stadium in the Tohoku region where dolphin and sea lion performances are held, you can enjoy powerful performances up close and personal!
Also, don’t miss the souvenir goods shop near the stadium!

There is also the “World Ocean” Zone where you can see creatures that are rare in Japan. It’s a sight so wonderful that no matter how long you look at them you never get tired of watching the brilliantly colored fish swimming in the tanks.

You can also shop nearby at Mitsui Outlet Park. There are so many shops that you could spend the whole day at the mall, looking at items such as famous brands’ clothes, bags, and sports equipment.
Be sure to check the stores out during sale periods, when goods can be up to 80% off!

(From Sendai Station toSendai Umino-Mori Aquarium)※ only one way


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