I went to now-popular Natu-lino.

I went to now-popular Natu-lino.

I covered “Natu-lino”, an excellent gelato shop in Natori, Miyagi. So, I’d like to introduce the shop. This time, I was lucky to be able to hear from Mr. Suzuki, the owner of the shop.

Started after the Great East Japan Earthquake

“Natu-lino” was founded after 2011’s Great East Japan Earthquake. Mr. Suzuki happened to drop by a convenience store to buy children ice-cream, which put smiles back on children’s faces. He got interested in the magical power of ice cream which creates smiles no matter what the circumstances are.

What is secret of the taste?

The reasons why Natu-lino is so tasty is because of the raw material: the special milk. The day of Natu-lino started by going to get freshly-squeezed milk in a farm 40 minute away from the city of Natori by car. The farm thinks that “delicious milk comes from a healthy cow” and focuses on every water, food and environment for the cows. It especially cares for water, which is well water of over 30m deep, and pure, gorgeous and better-quality one which takes 30 years coming all the way from Ou Mountains.

Of course, the farm sticks to other raw materials than milk, saying “we use materials such as agricultural products that local producers carefully grow and select”.

New menu released every week!?

The Natu-lino develops new products like every day. It renews the menu very often from the thoughts that customers enjoy the gelato every time.

It, especially, uses a seasonal fruit newly for seasonal limited items, which must be instagrammable!

“Much-loved French Toast!”

This is the French Toast that Mr. Suzuki recommended saying he started it recently and wants me to eat it. Combination with various tastes of gelato is possible, which creates your own taste.

This idea comes from the question of if there is any way to let people enjoy eating cold gelato even in a cold temperature. The taste is impeccable. I can confidently recommend the french toast, which I think is the best among ones I have ever eaten.


Natu-lino sells cold gelatos but creates somewhat warm atmosphere, which, I think, comes from warm feelings of Mr. Suzuki and other shop clerks. Please come and visit this shop and enjoy the excellent gelato and warm atmosphere!


Gelato: 380 ~520 yen (according to the size)
Set meal: French Toast and coffee: 980 yen


〒981-1225 93-1 Minamioki Iinozaka Natori, Miyagi



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