A Jodogahama tour to experience the kindness and power of nature

A Jodogahama tour to experience the kindness and power of nature

Iwate Prefecture is getting attention from all over the globe for the upcoming Rugby World Cup (a game will be held in Kamaishi City)
Before and after the game, rugby enthusiasts gather from Japan and abroad, and the entire Iwate Prefecture is expected to burst with excitement!

A total of 4 support projects will be implemented in Tohoku365 to support the Rugby World Cup.

Special features of Iwate to support the Rugby World Cup!
This time, in the fourth round, we went around Jodogahama Beach and experienced the gentle and awe-inspiring nature.

Jodogahama is a coast in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture, that has been designated as a national scenic spot and is known as one of the primary scenic spots of the Sanriku coast.
This excellent scenic spot was selected as one of “Japan’s 88 best bathing spots” and one of “Japan’s 100 best beaches for swimming” in the summer, and should not be missed when you go sightseeing in Iwate Prefecture.

Extremely clear emerald green sea

The first thing you’ll see when going to the Jodogaham is the extremely clear sea, often expressed as emerald green or cobalt blue.
This time, we take a pleasure boat from this place and enjoy the view of Jodogahama from the sea!

Miyako Bay Cruise

We were blessed with clear weather and could enjoy an excellent cruise trip!
The contrast generated by the Jodogahama’s natural surroundings is like the west coast of the United States, which may make you forget that you are in Japan.

On the ship, you can purchase the “Seagull Bread (100 yen)”, the food for the seagulls.
If you go to the open deck at the back of the ship and with this seagull bread, you will be surrounded by seagulls!

When you stretch your hand up high while holding a piece of the bread, a seagull will fly and take the bread from you.
(Sometimes the bird cannot take the bread well and may hit your hand with its beak, but please do not worry since it doesn’t hurt too much.)

The seagulls that can be seen nearby are very cute, and they seem to be having fun to fly around while enjoying the sea breeze.
This is a highly recommended activity for those who like birds.

The cruise trip is about 40 minutes.
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sanriku Coast, the splendid Pacific Ocean, and the rich nature of this place!

Jodo, the last paradise

After getting off the pleasure boat and went further, we arrived at the Jodogahama Beach.
The scenery of Jodogahama was like what we saw in photos and videos, but it gave a different feeling when viewed live!
Each part of the area gave a unique impression, from the harsh and sharp white rocks to the calm and relaxing sea.
The contrasting colors of natural green, rocky white, together with the sea and sky blue are definitely worth a look!!

On that day, the place was also crowded with many sea bathers.


Located about two hours from Morioka, the center of Iwate Prefecture, this place is not difficult to access by public transportation, such as trains and buses.
There are plenty of restaurants that serve delicious seafood, which is perfect for families and couples.
Please come and experience the picture-perfect beauty of this paradise when you visit Iwate Prefecture!

At Tohoku365, we strive to minimize the use and disposal of plastic bottles and cups.
Please use a tumbler or water bottle when visiting the locations introduced here.

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