Eating Sanrikuoki’s fresh sea food at Sendai Kokubuncho

Eating Sanrikuoki’s fresh sea food at Sendai Kokubuncho


Today I went to 『Kokubuncho 』a 20 minute walk from Sendai station.  Sendai city Aoba area is the area where the people in Mutsu Kokubun-ji Yakushidō where concealed from there and came to Aoba area in the Sengoku era.
Now it has 2700 restaurants and in the weekends 60,000~70,000 people come making it the most busy quarter   in Tohoku.  In Kokubuncho I have chosen one of the best restaurant that uses sea food named 『Uoya Sandai Hikozou』


In the center of Kokubuncho is Uoya Sandai Hikozou


In the Center of the left side of Kokubuncho  there is a building  and on the second floor that is the famous restaurant that most people know 『Uoya Sandai Hikozou』. There is a capcell hotel in the front named 『Cure Kokubuncho』and the building with the lantern is where 『Uoya Sandai Hikozou』is located.

【Using the sea food from one of the three major fishing ground Sanrikuoki】


Entering the restaurant the staff created with high‐spirit.
Inside of the restarant has a room for each section and it makes us think if it is a hotel with a style of moderate breeze.

There is an original drinking party and a mean that you only can enjoy here.
About 90% of the customers order the 『The Tamate bako sashimi plate』and roasting the 『Roasted fatty cut of mackerel 』,using fresh liver of fish in a stew 『Fish liver stew』and there are so many to choose from!
If you like eating fish this is the place to come.
There are other means of Sendai cow tounge and bamboo kamaboko and other side dishes only in Sendai.

The drinks are beer, highball, shochu, sour cocktail and many more.
There are more than 20 types of Japanse sake.




The owner is from Ishinomaki and does his buying-in the  local area of Ishinomaki and Onagawa where he was from.

『It is no enough being delicious just because we are a bar!』
The owner has a golden rule of making it possible for many people to eat the fresh fish caught in the morning of every day and making the customers having fun during eating. This golden rule has made many customers come again as a repeater from all around Japan.

Making the people who come happy is Uoya Sandai Hikozou and  why won’t you drink here with your love ones.


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