A history of 100 years created by Bajyou kamaboko!

A history of 100 years created by Bajyou kamaboko!

A shop of Kamaboko in Miyagi prefecture watari town

In 1912 Bajyou Kamaboko was established  at Miyagi prefecture watari town.
They were selling seafood when they first established and they came up with an idea of baking the minced marine meat to not lose the freshness of the fish is the birth of  Bajyou Kamaboko.


Bajyou kamaboko has stop producing its products after the earth quake in 2011, but has started after a month.

Lets go on a factory tour and buy souvenir.

Kamaboko is made by fish around the world that are blended together.
You can go on a factory tour and see the process  of the making of kamaboko.

For souvenir the vacuum pack is popular.
There are flavors of cow tounge, smoke, cheese making it hard to choose.


It is good to send on a celebration.


The 5 reason why kamaboko is good for health

1. Easy to digest with tender
minced marine meat destroys the muscle fiber making a tender taste.
2.The protein has the perfect balance.
In kamaboko there are 9 types of amino acid that is hard to compose inside of the body, but kamaboko has those amino acid perfectly balanced
3.Contains  DHA/EPA
Making the blood smooth and  preventing arteriosclerosis to occur.
4.Low fat
It has only 6% of

Kamaboko is one of the representative food of Japanese food!
Come and eat Kamaboko!


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