Power-up yourself, and your wallet, at Kanahebisui Shrine

Power-up yourself, and your wallet, at Kanahebisui Shrine

Japan sure does love its shrines. From some of the most well known ones like the Inari Shrine in Kyoto or the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, there seems to be a god for almost everything. In little Iwanuma, Miyagi there is a little shrine thats said to not only power you up, but also your wallet. Naturally, we decided to send one of our writers there to see what all the fuss was about. After-all, anything that’ll help us get a bit more money is fine by us!


The name of this shrine represent the god of water and wealth, hence the kanji spelling “金” (Gold), ”蛇” (Snake), and ”水” (Water).
Though this shrine has been here for a long time it’s only recently been gaining popularity as a place to go pray if you’re in need for a bit of cash. So you’ll see a lot of business people regularly visiting!



 The god enshrined here is also known as a God of Vitality and occupational stability.

Good luck from the Jyamonn stone 


The shrine grounds also have special stones that have naturally occuring snake patterns on them called “Jyamonn Stones”. It’s said that if you touch one while patting your wallet, you’ll get lucky with wealth.


Getting more luck from the Kanahebibenzaiten 


Inside the grounds of the shrine there is another water of god worshiped named Kanahebibenzaiten.

Benzaiten is one of the Seven Gods of Good Fortune that is drawn playing the biwa (Japanese lute) often depicted as a god with 8 arms.
This is worshiped as a god  of studying, speech, music and various other things!



We don’t really know what to say at this point, other than we hoped this worked. If our writer somehow comes into magical vast amounts of wealth we’ll make sure to let you guys know, after we’ve gone there ourselves of course.

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