Spread the reconstruction of Kamaishi to the world! Rugby PNC 2019 watching record

Spread the reconstruction of Kamaishi to the world! Rugby PNC 2019 watching record

Iwate Prefecture is getting attention from all over the globe for the upcoming Rugby World Cup (a game will be held in
Kamaishi City)
Before and after the game, rugby enthusiasts gather from Japan and abroad, and the entire Iwate Prefecture is expected
to burst with excitement!

A total of 4 support projects will be implemented in Tohoku365 to support the Rugby World Cup

Special features of Iwate to support the Rugby World Cup
This time, we watched the “World Rugby Pacific Nations Cup”, the prelude of the Rugby World Cup.
The Rugby World Cup (RWC) 2019 Japan Tournament will be held from September 2019.
Forty-eight games will be held at 12 venues in Japan for 44 days from September to November.

This is an important tournament that became the prelude of the World Cup is the World Rugby Pacific Nations Cup (PNC)

Japan vs. Fiji PNC2019 game was held on Saturday, July 27 at the “Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium”, where the opening
game of the World Cup will be held.
Japan won by 34-21 and looked poised to do well in the RWC!

This time, I will report the PNC2019 Japan vs. Fiji match, along with the history of rugby in Kamaishi City and the
introduction of the “Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium”, a stadium constructed with thoughts and hope for the recovery
of the region.

The rugby fever in Kamaishi City in Iwate Prefecture is extraordinary!

The “Nippon Steel Kamaishi Rugby Club” made the history of Japan’s rugby by achieving an unprecedented seven consecutive
victories at the All-Japan Rugby Football Championship from 1979 to 1985.
The Kamaishi Seawaves RFC started in April 2001 by inheriting the pride of the “Nippon Steel Kamaishi Rugby Club”, which
was nicknamed “The Iron Men of the North”.
There are many dedicated rugby fans in Kamaishi City, and everyone is looking forward to seeing the Rugby World Cup
Japan Tournament in September 2019!

Sending the gratitude and reconstruction effort to the world. “Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium”

*The situation of “Kickoff Declaration” during the opening day of Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium

Kamaishi City in Iwate Prefecture is one of the areas hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011.

The prompt response of the students of the Unosumai Elementary School and Kamaishi Higashi Junior High School to
evacuate during the tsunami that followed the Great East Japan Earthquake, all of whom were saved, has been introduced
all over the world.
One of the venues of the Rugby World Cup 2019, “Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium” was built on the former site of the
elementary and junior high schools.

The stadium, which was designed based on the image of a new ship after the earthquake disaster, welcomes people from all
over Japan and around the world with the spirit of gratitude and the dreams, hopes, and courage of the citizens.

Let’s watch the game! Rugby PNC JAPAN vs. FIJI

The city’s enthusiasm can be seen even on the way to the venue.

The venue was fascinating with the cheering songs for both countries and the fierce-looking Cibi, the Fijian Haka dance.
It’s time to kick off.

Japan is the first to attempt at the goal

Japan scores first
The entire stadium is colored with red cheering flags, and the enthusiasm is unbelievable!

It is really cool how the players run through tackles from the attacking enemies.
The hostility before the Try, during which the attack was made slowly, was also extremely exciting!

It was so exciting; I just yelled “WOW” without thinking.

The result was a 34-21 victory for Japan.
I was a beginner at watching rugby games, but I could enjoy it with great excitement just by learning a few rugby rules
before the game.
Explanations of the game, such as fouls, are posted on the electronic bulletin board so that you can easily watch the

Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium
Dai 18 Chiwari-5-1 Unosumaicho, Kamaishi, Iwate 026-0301
Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium:https://kamaishi-stadium.jp/
     Rugby World Cup 2019 Official Website: https://www.rugbyworldcup.com/

“I hope everyone can feel the hope of reconstruction”, said Yuta Nakano, the captain of Kamaishi Seawaves

This time, I interviewed Yuta Nakano, the captain of Kamaishi Sea Waves, who sent a message to visitors from inside and
outisde Japan who will come to Kamaishi City for the Rugby World Cup 2019.

“Kamaishi is an area that was hit hard by the tsunami that followed the Great East Japan Earthquake. This stadium was
constructed on the area that was most severely damaged.
Here, you can also find the “Kamaishi Reconstruction Memorial Park”, a museum located near the stadium.
I hope everyone can visit Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium and Kamaishi Reconstruction Memorial Park and feel the hope
and feelings of the citizens.”

Kamaishi City also has many places to enjoy delicious food and beautiful nature.
When visiting Kamaishi City, please enjoy not only rugby but also traveling in Kamaishi City and Iwate Prefecture!

“Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium” Game Schedule

Wednesday, September 25, 2019: 14:15 kickoff (11:45 opening) Fiji VS. Uruguay
Sunday, October 13, 2019: 12:15 kickoff (9:45 opening), Namibia VS. Canada

Spend the night by Glamping when watching the RWC!

During the Rugby World Cup, a special limited-time Glamping experience, “wondertrunk experience KAMAISHI”, will be held
at the Sanriku Reconstruction National Park and Nehama Beach!
In the green area of ​​Kamaishi and Nehama Coast, there is a space where you can enjoy Glamping and BBQ-style meal that
uses local seafood products.
The event is limited to 8 groups per day. Please enjoy a local experience!

Click here for details:https://www.wondertrunk.co/news/1709/?fbclid=IwAR3vDsUS7d3Zrckel7-V9vnSlgq2BZ5FmiBsL3o32RZiQMT1Njnq-Uu39kg

You would want to enjoy sightseeing in Iwate Prefecture when you visit Kamaishi City to watch the Rugby World Cup,
wouldn’t you?
Please check these articlesfor recommended information on traveling in Iwate Prefecture.


Kamaishi City, which was struck by the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, is now becoming even more lively for
the preparation of the Rugby World Cup, with the hope “to send a message of gratitude and reconstruction efforts to the
Please come and join us during the Rugby World Cup 2019 at Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium stadium that is filled
with the burning energy of the game!

At Tohoku365, we strive to minimize the use and disposal of plastic bottles and cups.
Please use a tumbler or water bottle when visiting the locations introduced here.


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