Not a Lamborghini But a Damborghini

Not a Lamborghini But a Damborghini

Onagawa Town, located on the coast of Miyagi prefecture, is famous for it’s fresh seafood, diving experiences and new shopping arcade which was built after the 2011 tsunami devastated the location. In this new shopping center is a store that is home to something quite unique.


The Damborghini…


The “Damborghini” is a replica of a Lamborghini  car made entirely out of reinforced cardboard and was made of the course of 6 months, by 6 workers at a company that specialized in cardboard furniture and products!



There are many kinds of souvenirs, for example chests made of cardboard, and handworks. Today, the shop sells desks and chair made of cardboard.
In Onagawa town, you can see the only “Damborghini” in the world. If you are interested in this car, please check it out.


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