Winter snack “Ajiman”

Winter snack “Ajiman”


For anyone familiar with Yamagata prefecture the words “Ajiman” stirs up delictable fantasies about this Yamagata sweet. Regular menus are sold with anko and custard cream. “Ajiman” is usually sold in shopping center parkinglots or at event locations from mobile stands. This means that visitors craving some Ajiman can usually find it pretty easily. Located just a short walk west of Yamagata station is the location we decided to check out in person.

This soft custard filled treat can go by many other names in various prefectures like “Imagawa-yaki” however they aren’t exactly the same. Ajiman has much more filling compared to other custard filled treats. This time we bought a very popular custard cream for both children and adults.


The anko filling is usually slightly grainy feeling, giving it that rural, home-made texture that we’ve all come to love.

Such an Azuman is sold only in winter!  Limited items are also on sale, recently it seems that stores are increasing in various parts of Tohoku. Why do not you try eating when you come to Yamagata in winter?

Scheduled opening date From the beginning of October to the end of April
Address Yamagata Prefecture Yamagata City 1-3-3 Futaba-cho
business hours 10:00~18:00


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