Why is Miyagi Prefecture rice so delicious? An interview with a Graduate Student from London

Why is Miyagi Prefecture rice so delicious? An interview with a Graduate Student from London

Every year, Miyagi prefecture produces 40,000 tons of rice including the Hitomebore, Sasanishiki and Manamusume brands. The Hitomebore brand has received the coveted A grade for rice for the last 12 years making it a popular choice for Japanese cooking. The secret regarding this success: Graduate students from London studying Agriculture interviewed this company to find out.

Reason 1: The best Environment

Miyagi prefecture, famous for its beautiful nature, owes much of this to the 80+ rivers and streams located within the prefecture. Naturally, this means that there are many nutrients in the soil and environment. 400 years earlier, Date Masamune created many rice paddies to make use of this fertile land. The water and soil quality of Miyagi lends itself to produce delicious and high quality rice.


Reason 2: Temperature and Humidity obsession

In order to be able to grow delicious rice, temperature and humidity must be kept within very specific ranges. The water in the rice paddy is constantly being replaced with fresh, clear water. After harvesting, the rice is kept to dry in a temperature controlled room. The rice is then vacuum packed. These three obsessions lend themselves to creating some of the highest quality rice.


Reason 3: Passion for growing rice

We interviewed Sasaki san, an over 10th generation rice farmer, has taken care of the more than 100 year old fields and continues to manage them today. The use of clean and advanced tools and machinery, as well as his explanation of techniques, shows this man’s passion about creating the best rice possible.



The reason for such a delicious rice from Miyagi prefecture isn’t just to do with the rivers and mountains of the land. It also involves the passion of Sasaki san to create the best and most delicious rice possible. The research student from London also agreed that this type of effort is required to grow delicious rice that will also help keep a person’s body strong and healthy.

For Japanese cooking, rice is an essential food. Miyagi prefecture and the Tohoku region continues to produce some of the highest quality and delicious rice in all of Japan. Please make sure to try this rice when you come to the Tohoku region.佐々木さん農家1


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