“Akiu fall” The negative ion waterfall in forest town

“Akiu fall”  The negative ion waterfall in forest town

Today, I’ve experienced the the negative ion waterfall of 『Akiu fall』.
『Akiu fall』is more deeper in the woods of Akiu fall hot spring village as for a healing spot.
It is very good drive corse with the view of beautiful sights during the drive as for a 60 minites from the center of Sendai.

I will present three ways to enjoy a fully greenery summer of Akiu fall.


Step1:Let’s visit Akiu fallFudo-son!

Before going to Akiu fall, visit Akiu fall Fudo-son that is Adjacent to the waterfall.
Akiuotaki Fudo-son is a shrine that was created in the Heian age and is the tutelary gods for Sendai Domain and Date Family as for an Eternal prayer.
Takeminakata no kami is one of the three major Japanese gods of war is enshrined here.
Takeminakata no kami is the god of victory!
People are fighting against something everyday. Competing with your friend, fighting with your temptation and fighting with your mind.
Worship to prepare for that time comes!
Also it is answers the prays of marriage done by individuals.
Inside the precincts if the Luster-leaf holly「たらよう」 falls from the Sacred tree it is very lucky. If you take Luster-leaf holly home it will be good luck charm for marriage.

Further more, it is said that if you are able to find the carved carp in the temple it will give you good luck.


Step2:Let’s enjoy the view from Takidai!

Going down the stairs of Akiu fall Fudo-son there is a sightseeing-tower, which you can see Akiu fall.
Akin fall is 6-meters high and a 55-meter fall
The forest town Sendai is proud of having a waterfall with plenty of water, designated as National Scenic Beauty, Japan’s Top 100 Waterfalls and one of the top three major waterfalls in Japan.

By the wind diction you may be able to see the waterfall basin water spray up to the Takimidai.
Akin fall provides coolness and healing to your eyes, ears and to the body.
Many people come and visit here to receive the coolness and healing.

There is a tea restaurant near the Takidai were you can enjoy eating sweet taste Japanese confectionery and special product called the Taketoufu.


Step3:Let’s go near the waterfall basin!

To go to the waterfall basin is go to the foot of Fudousawabashi near Akiu fall Fudo-son. You can go from the bridge.
Perhaps it is scary, but let’s go!

There are some up and down paths, but the walk is very enjoyable. I prefer wearing some sneakers.

Once you have gone through the up and down road at the end of it is Akiu fall.
「Very clear water 」and 「The greenery 」 at the end 「The roaring of Akiu fall 」.
The view from Takidai is very different from the bottom.

From the falling negative ion covering the body and mysteriously the power falls out making the body feel light.
The atmosphere made by Akiuotaki makes us forget time.
Experience this at Akiu fall.


This time I introduced the summer version of Akiu fall. In fall the autumn colors, in winter the blanket of snow that shows different faces throughout the year.
If you feel summer heat fatigue, come to Akiu fall to feel the coolness.


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