Places to visit in Sendai for a historic feeling!

Places to visit in Sendai for a historic feeling!

During the early summer in Sendai, a refreshing and brisk breeze blows from various lush and thickly grown trees, a season that perfectly fits the name “The city of trees.”

During the early summer it is both easy to vacation and also the perfect time for sightseeing within Sendai.

During this holiday, I would like to introduce 3 places where you can visit that give you a sense that you have been sent back in time to experience Sendai’s history for yourself.

①The Sendai City Museum

The first place I visited was the Sendai City Museum. This is a museum that was erected on top of the Sendai castle outer-region ruins! Also being able to see zangetsu-tei, a cultural property of the city, you are able to feel history just from the location itself.

The exhibitions are from the stone-age up until more recent years and there are over 1000 things in chronological order that you can view, you can take your time looking at Sendai`s entire history in detail. I feel that this museum is the most knowledgeable about the “date” clan in the whole of Japan.

Once inside, one of the things that draws your eyes is the registered UNE world and national treasure the “Hasekura Tsunenaga Painting.”
An oil painting created by a Japanese person using the finest oils and with vivid colors leaves an amazing impression and impact.
Taking photographs is prohibited so please go and confirm its beauty for yourself!

You can even enjoy yourself outside, where, in the garden there is a statue of the pre-war time “Date Masamune.”

②Sendai Castle Inner Ruins

Once learning about the history of the castle, I had to go see the real thing for myself.
It was very close! Only 10 minutes away from the museum!
Please see the condition of the Sendai castle ruins in this article here.

Here there is free Wi-Fi and also a guides written in many different languages so you can visit from other countries and explore the castle and what it has to offer without the need to be worried!

③1. Bansui Hut

Do you know a person by the name of “Doi Bansui”? You might have not heard of him, but he is the man who wrote the lyrics for the famous song “Kōjō no Tsuki.”

Bansui`s final abode is still remaining the same as it was when he lived in it! This is the Bansui Hut.

My reasoning behind recommending this is for the house itself! The Bansui Hut was erected in the year 1949, with no big repairs having been made, it still holds that time eras feel and shape.

Even if you don’t know about Bansui, just entering into the house you get the feeling of the beautiful and nostalgic showa era and also the garden, which hasn’t changed from that time in which Bansui lived there, feels as if when it gets to October the white blooming flowers false holly will appear. I think I feels quite romantic! You can feel quite nostalgic here.


In this article we looked at the 3 places where you can feel as though you have travelled back in time to the old Sendai. There are many more places where you are able to feel and experience Sendai’s history so let’s try to visit them more in the future!

Sendai City museum

Sendai castle ruins

Bansui Hut

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